1 Samuel 13:19-23

  19 H2796 Now there was no smith H4672 [H8735] found H776 throughout all the land H3478 of Israel H6430 : for the Philistines H559 [H8804] said H5680 , Lest the Hebrews H6213 [H8799] make H2719 them swords H2595 or spears:
  20 H3478 But all the Israelites H3381 [H8799] went down H6430 to the Philistines H3913 [H8800] , to sharpen H376 every man H4282 his share H855 , and his coulter H7134 , and his axe H4281 , and his mattock.
  21 H6477 And there was a charge H6310 of a third of a shekel H4281 for the mattocks H855 , and for the coulters H7969 H7053 , and for the forks H7134 , and for the axes H5324 [H8687] , and to sharpen H1861 the goads.
  22 H3117 So it came to pass in the day H4421 of battle H2719 , that there was neither sword H2595 nor spear H4672 [H8738] found H3027 in the hand H5971 of any of the people H7586 that were with Saul H3129 and Jonathan H7586 : but with Saul H3129 and with Jonathan H1121 his son H4672 [H8735] was there found.
  23 H4673 And the garrison H6430 of the Philistines H3318 [H8799] went out H4569 to the pass H4363 of Michmash.