1 Chronicles 1:38-42

  38 H1121 And the sons H8165 of Seir; H3877 Lotan, H7732 and Shobal, H6649 and Zibeon, H6034 and Anah, H1787 and Dishon, H687 and Ezer, H1789 and Dishan.
  39 H1121 And the sons H3877 of Lotan; H2753 Hori, H1950 and Homam: H8555 and Timna H3877 was Lotan's H269 sister.
  40 H1121 The sons H7732 of Shobal; H5935 Alian, H4506 and Manahath, H5858 and Ebal, H8195 Shephi, H208 and Onam. H1121 And the sons H6649 of Zibeon; H345 Aiah, H6034 and Anah.
  41 H1121 The sons H6034 of Anah; H1787 Dishon. H1121 And the sons H1787 of Dishon; H2566 Amram, H790 and Eshban, H3506 and Ithran, H3763 and Cheran.
  42 H1121 The sons H687 of Ezer; H1092 Bilhan, H2190 and Zavan, H3292 and Jakan. H1121 The sons H1789 of Dishan; H5780 Uz, H765 and Aran.