Numbers 26:26 Cross References - new

  26 H1121 Of the sons H2074 of Zebulun H4940 after their families: H5624 of Sered, H4940 the family H5625 of the Sardites: H356 of Elon, H4940 the family H440 of the Elonites: H3177 of Jahleel, H4940 the family H3178 of the Jahleelites.

Genesis 30:19-20

  19 H3812 And Leah H2029 [H8799] conceived H3205 [H8799] again, and bore H3290 Jacob H8345 the sixth H1121 son.
  20 H3812 And Leah H559 [H8799] said, H430 God H2064 [H8804] hath bestowed on H2896 me with a good H2065 dowry; H6471 now H376 will my husband H2082 [H8799] dwell H3205 [H8804] with me, because I have borne H8337 him six H1121 sons: H7121 [H8799] and she called H8034 his name H2074 Zebulun.

Genesis 46:14

  14 H1121 And the sons H2074 of Zebulun; H5624 Sered, H356 and Elon, H3177 and Jahleel.

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