Nehemiah 11:21 Cross References - new

  21 H5411 But the Nethinims H3427 [H8802] dwelt H6077 in Ophel: H6727 and Ziha H1658 and Gispa H5411 were over the Nethinims.

2 Chronicles 27:3

  3 H1129 [H8804] He built H5945 the high H8179 gate H1004 of the house H3068 of the LORD, H2346 and on the wall H6077 of Ophel H1129 [H8804] he built H7230 much.

Nehemiah 3:26

  26 H5411 Moreover the Nethinims H3427 [H8802] dwelt H6077 in Ophel, H4325 to the place opposite the water H8179 gate H4217 toward the east, H3318 [H8802] and the projecting H4026 tower.

Nehemiah 3:31

  31 H310 After H2388 [H8689] him repaired H4441 Malchiah H6885 the goldsmith's H1121 son H1004 to the place H5411 of the Nethinims, H7402 [H8802] and of the merchants, H8179 opposite the gate H4663 Miphkad, H5944 and to the ascent H6438 of the corner.

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