Judges 5:30 Cross References - new

  30 H4672 [H8799] Have they not found? H2505 [H8762] have they not divided H7998 the spoil; H7218 to every H1397 man H7356 a maiden H7361 or two; H5516 to Sisera H7998 a spoil H6648 of dyed garments, H7998 a spoil H6648 of dyed garments H7553 of needlework, H6648 of dyed garments H7553 of needlework on both sides, H6677 for the necks H7998 of them that take the spoil?

Genesis 37:3

  3 H3478 Now Israel H157 [H8804] loved H3130 Joseph H1121 more than all his sons, H1121 because he was the son H2208 of his old age: H6213 [H8804] and he made H3801 him a coat H6446 of many colours.

Exodus 15:9

  9 H341 [H8802] The enemy H559 [H8804] said, H7291 [H8799] I will pursue, H5381 [H8686] I will overtake, H2505 [H8762] I will divide H7998 the spoil; H5315 my lust H4390 [H8799] shall be satisfied H7324 [H8686] upon them; I will draw H2719 my sword, H3027 my hand H3423 [H8686] shall dispossess them.

2 Samuel 13:18

  18 H3801 And she had a garment H6446 of many colours H4598 upon her: for with such robes H4428 were the king's H1323 daughters H1330 that were virgins H3847 [H8799] apparelled. H8334 [H8764] Then his servant H3318 [H8686] brought H2351 her out, H5274 [H8804] and bolted H1817 the door H310 after her.

Job 20:5

  5 H7445 That the triumphing H7563 of the wicked H7138 is short, H8057 and the joy H2611 of the hypocrite H7281 but for a moment?

Psalms 45:14

  14 H2986 [H8714] She shall be brought H4428 to the king H7553 in raiment of needlework: H1330 the virgins H7464 her companions H310 that follow H935 [H8716] her shall be brought to thee.

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