John 19:35 Cross References - new

  35 G2532 And G3708 [G5761] he that saw G3140 [G5758] it bore witness G2532 , and G846 his G3141 witness G2076 [G5748] is G228 true G2548 : and he G1492 [G5758] knoweth G3754 that G3004 [G5719] he speaketh G227 truth G2443 , that G5210 ye G4100 [G5661] may believe.

John 11:15

  15 G2532 { And G5463 [G5719] I am glad G1223 for G5209 your sakes G3754 that G2252 G2258 [G5713] I was G3756 not G1563 there G2443 , to the intent G4100 [G5661] ye may believe G235 ; nevertheless G71 [G5725] let us go G4314 to G846 him.}

John 11:42

  42 G1161 { And G1473 I G1492 [G5715] knew G3754 that G191 [G5719] thou hearest G3450 me G3842 always G235 : but G1223 because G3793 of the people G3588 who G4026 [G5761] stand by G2036 [G5627] I said G2443 it, that G4100 [G5661] they may believe G3754 that G4771 thou G649 [G5656] hast sent G3165 me.}

John 14:29

  29 G2532 { And G3568 now G2046 [G5758] I have told G5213 you G4250 before G1096 [G5635] it cometh to pass G2443 , that G3752 , when G1096 [G5638] it hath come to pass G4100 [G5661] , ye may believe.}

John 15:27

  27 G1161 { And G5210 ye G2532 also G3140 [G5719] shall bear witness G3754 , because G2075 [G5748] ye have been G3326 with G1700 me G575 from G746 the beginning.}

John 17:20-21

  20 G1161 G3756 { Neither G2065 [G5719] pray I G4012 for G5130 these G3440 alone G235 , but G4012 for G2532 them also G4100 [G5694] who shall believe G1519 on G1691 me G1223 through G846 their G3056 word;}
  21 G2443 { That G3956 they all G5600 [G5753] may be G1520 one G2531 ; as G4771 thou G3962 , Father G1722 , art in G1698 me G2504 , and I G1722 in G4671 thee G2443 , that G846 they G2532 also G5600 [G5753] may be G1520 one G1722 in G2254 us G2443 : that G2889 the world G4100 [G5661] may believe G3754 that G4771 thou G649 [G5656] hast sent G3165 me.}

John 19:26

  26 G2424 When Jesus G3767 therefore G1492 [G5631] saw G3384 his mother G2532 , and G3101 the disciple G3936 [G5761] standing by G3739 , whom G25 [G5707] he loved G3004 [G5719] , he saith G846 to his G3384 mother G1135 , { Woman G2400 [G5628] , behold G4675 thy G5207 son!}

John 20:31

  31 G1161 But G5023 these G1125 [G5769] are written G2443 , that G4100 [G5661] ye may believe G3754 that G2424 Jesus G2076 [G5748] is G5547 the Christ G5207 , the Son G2316 of God G2532 ; and G2443 that G4100 [G5723] believing G2192 [G5725] ye may have G2222 life G1722 through G846 his G3686 name.

John 21:24

  24 G3778 This G2076 [G5748] is G3101 the disciple G3588 who G3140 [G5723] testifieth G4012 of G5130 these things G2532 , and G1125 [G5660] wrote G5023 these things G2532 : and G1492 [G5758] we know G3754 that G846 his G3141 testimony G2076 [G5748] is G227 true.

Acts 10:39

  39 G2532 And G2249 we G2070 [G5748] are G3144 witnesses G3956 of all things G3739 which G4160 [G5656] he did G5037 both G1722 in G5561 the land G2453 of the Judeans G2532 , and G1722 in G2419 Jerusalem G3739 ; whom G337 [G5627] they slew G2910 [G5660] and hanged G1909 on G3586 a tree:

Romans 15:4

  4 G1063 For G3745 whatever things G4270 [G5648] were written in former times G4270 [G5648] were written G1519 for G2251 our G1319 learning G2443 , that G2192 0 we G1223 through G5281 patience G2532 and G3874 comfort G1124 of the scriptures G2192 [G5725] might have G1680 hope.

Hebrews 2:3-4

  3 G4459 How G2249 shall we G1628 [G5695] escape G272 [G5660] , if we neglect G5082 so great G4991 salvation G3748 ; which G746 at the first G2983 [G5631] began G2980 [G5745] to be spoken G1223 by G2962 the Lord G950 [G5681] , and was confirmed G1519 to G2248 us G5259 by G191 [G5660] them that heard him;
  4 G2316 God G4901 [G5723] also bearing them witness G5037 , both G4592 with signs G2532 and G5059 wonders G2532 , and G4164 with various G1411 miracles G2532 , and G3311 gifts G40 of the Holy G4151 Spirit G2596 , according to G846 his own G2308 will?

1 Peter 5:1

  1 G4245 The elders G1722 who are among G5213 you G3870 [G5719] I exhort G3588 , who G4850 am also an elder G2532 , and G3144 a witness G3804 of the sufferings G5547 of Christ G2532 , and also G2844 a partaker G1391 of the glory G3195 [G5723] that shall G601 [G5745] be revealed:

1 John 1:1-3

  1 G3739 That which G2258 [G5713] was G575 from G746 the beginning G3739 , which G191 [G5754] we have heard G3739 , which G3708 [G5758] we have seen G2257 with our G3788 eyes G3739 , which G2300 [G5662] we have looked upon G2532 , and G2257 our G5495 hands G5584 [G5656] have handled G4012 , of G3056 the Word G2222 of life;
  2 G2532 (For G2222 the life G5319 [G5681] was revealed G2532 , and G3708 [G5758] we have seen G2532 it, and G3140 [G5719] bear witness G2532 , and G518 [G5719] show G5213 to you G166 that age-during G2222 life G3748 , which G2258 [G5713] was G4314 with G3962 the Father G2532 , and G5319 [G5681] was revealed G2254 to us;)
  3 G3739 That which G3708 [G5758] we have seen G2532 and G191 [G5754] heard G518 [G5719] we declare G5213 to you G2443 , that G5210 ye G2532 also G2192 [G5725] may have G2842 fellowship G3326 with G2257 us G2532 : and G2251 truly our G2842 G1161 fellowship G3326 is with G3962 the Father G2532 , and G3326 with G846 his G5207 Son G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ.

1 John 5:13

  13 G5023 These things G1125 [G5656] have I written G5213 to you G4100 [G5723] that believe G1519 on G3686 the name G5207 of the Son G2316 of God G2443 ; that G1492 [G5762] ye may know G3754 that ye G2192 [G5719] have G166 age-during G2222 life G2532 , and G2443 that G4100 [G5725] ye may believe G1519 on G3686 the name G5207 of the Son G2316 of God.

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