Isaiah 28:3 Cross References - new

  3 H5850 The crown H1348 of pride, H7910 the drunkards H669 of Ephraim, H7429 [H8735] shall be trodden H7272 under feet:

2 Kings 9:33

  33 H559 [H8799] And he said, H8058 [H8798] Throw her down. H8058 [H8799] So they threw her down: H1818 and some of her blood H5137 [H8799] was sprinkled H7023 on the wall, H5483 and on the horses: H7429 [H8799] and he trod her under foot.

Isaiah 25:10

  10 H2022 For on this mountain H3027 shall the hand H3068 of the LORD H5117 [H8799] rest, H4124 and Moab H1758 [H8736] shall be trodden down H4963 under him, even as straw H1758 [H8738] is trodden down H1119 H4087 H4325 [H8675] for the dunghill.

Isaiah 26:6

  6 H7272 The foot H7429 [H8799] shall tread it down, H7272 even the feet H6041 of the poor, H6471 and the steps H1800 of the needy.

Isaiah 28:1

  1 H1945 Woe H5850 to the crown H1348 of pride, H7910 to the drunkards H669 of Ephraim, H6643 whose splendrous H8597 beauty H5034 [H8802] is a fading H6731 flower, H7218 who are on the head H8081 of the rich H1516 valleys H1986 [H8803] of them that are overcome H3196 with wine!

Lamentations 1:15

  15 H136 The Sovereign H5541 [H8765] hath set at nought H47 all my mighty H7130 men in the midst H7121 [H8804] of me: he hath called H4150 an assembly H7665 [H8800] against me to crush H970 my young men: H136 the Sovereign H1869 [H8804] hath trodden H1330 the virgin, H1323 the daughter H3063 of Judah, H1660 as in a winepress.

Daniel 8:13

  13 H8085 [H8799] Then I heard H259 one H6918 saint H1696 [H8764] speaking, H259 and another H6918 saint H559 [H8799] said H6422 to that certain H1696 [H8764] saint who spoke, H2377 How long shall be the vision H8548 concerning the daily H6588 sacrifice, and the revolt H8074 [H8802] of desolation, H5414 [H8800] to give H6944 both the sanctuary H6635 and the host H4823 to be trodden under foot?

Hebrews 10:29

  29 G4214 Of how much G5501 more severe G5098 punishment, G1380 [G5719] suppose ye, G515 [G5701] shall he be thought worthy, G3588 who G2662 [G5660] having trampled down G3588 the G5207 Son G3588   G2316 of God, G2532 and G2233 [G5666] hath counted G3588 the G129 blood G3588 of the G1242 covenant, G3739 G1722 by which G37 [G5681] he was sanctified, G2839 as common, G2532 and G1796 [G5660] having insulted G3588 the G4151 Spirit G3588   G5485 of grace?

Revelation 11:2

  2 G2532 But G833 the court G3588 which G1855 G2081 is outside G3485 the inmost temple G1544 [G5628] leave G1854 out, G2532 and G3354 [G5661] measure G846 it G3361 not; G3754 for G1325 [G5681] it is given G1484 to the nations: G2532 and G40 the holy G4172 city G3961 [G5692] shall they trample G5062 forty G1417 and two G3376 months.

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