Genesis 5:25 Cross References - new

  25 H4968 And Methuselah H2421 [H8799] lived H3967 H8141 an hundred H8084 eighty H7651 and seven H8141 years, H3205 [H8686] and begat H3929 Lamech:

Genesis 4:18

  18 H2585 And to Enoch H3205 [H8735] was born H5897 Irad: H5897 and Irad H3205 [H8804] begat H4232 Mehujael: H4232 and Mehujael H3205 [H8804] begat H4967 Methusael: H4967 and Methusael H3205 [H8804] begat H3929 Lamech.

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