Genesis 36:34 Cross References - new

  34 H3103 And Jobab H4191 [H8799] died, H2367 and Husham H776 of the land H8489 of Temani H4427 [H8799] reigned in his stead.

Genesis 36:11

  11 H1121 And the sons H464 of Eliphaz H8487 were Teman, H201 Omar, H6825 Zepho, H1609 and Gatam, H7073 and Kenaz.

Genesis 36:15

  15 H441 These were chiefs H1121 of the sons H6215 of Esau: H1121 the sons H464 of Eliphaz H1060 the firstborn H6215 son of Esau; H441 chief H8487 Teman, H441 chief H201 Omar, H441 chief H6825 Zepho, H441 chief H7073 Kenaz,

Job 2:11

  11 H347 Now when Job's H7969 three H7453 friends H8085 [H8799] heard H7451 of all this evil H935 [H8802] that had come H935 [H8799] upon him, they came H376 every one H4725 from his own place; H464 Eliphaz H8489 the Temanite, H1085 and Bildad H7747 the Shuhite, H6691 and Zophar H5284 the Naamathite: H3259 [H8735] for they had made an appointment H3162 together H935 [H8800] to come H5110 [H8800] to mourn H5162 [H8763] with him and to comfort him.

Jeremiah 49:7

  7 H123 Concerning Edom, H559 [H8804] thus saith H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts; H2451 Is wisdom H8487 no more in Teman? H6098 hath counsel H6 [H8804] perished H995 [H8801] from the prudent? H2451 hath their wisdom H5628 [H8738] vanished?

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