Genesis 30:35 Cross References - new

  35 H5493 [H8686] And he removed H3117 that day H8495 the male goats H6124 that were striped H2921 [H8803] and spotted H5795 , and all the female goats H5348 that were speckled H2921 [H8803] and spotted H3836 , every one that had some white H2345 in it, and all the brown H3775 among the sheep H5414 [H8799] , and gave H3027 them into the hands H1121 of his sons.

Genesis 31:9

  9 H430 Thus God H5337 [H8686] hath taken away H4735 the cattle H1 of your father H5414 [H8799] , and given them to me.

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