Genesis 26:29 Cross References - new

  29 H6213 [H8799] That thou wilt do H7451 us no harm H5060 [H8804] , as we have not touched H6213 [H8804] thee, and as we have done H7535 to thee nothing but H2896 good H7971 [H8762] , and have sent thee away H7965 in peace H6258 : thou art now H1288 [H8803] the blessed H3068 of the LORD.

Genesis 12:2

  2 H6213 [H8799] And I will make of thee H1419 a great H1471 nation H1288 [H8762] , and I will bless H1431 0 thee, and make H8034 thy name H1431 [H8762] great H1293 ; and thou shalt be a blessing:

Genesis 21:22

  22 H6256 And it came to pass at that time H40 , that Abimelech H6369 and Phichol H8269 the chief captain H6635 of his host H559 [H8799] spoke H85 to Abraham H559 [H8800] , saying H430 , God H6213 [H8802] is with thee in all that thou doest:

Genesis 22:17

  17 H1288 [H8763] That in blessing H1288 [H8762] I will bless H7235 [H8687] thee, and in multiplying H7235 [H8686] I will multiply H2233 thy seed H3556 as the stars H8064 of heaven H2344 , and as the sand H3220 which is on the sea H8193 shore H2233 ; and thy seed H3423 [H8799] shall possess H8179 the gate H341 [H8802] of his enemies;

Genesis 24:31

  31 H559 [H8799] And he said H935 [H8798] , Come in H1288 [H8803] , thou blessed H3068 of the LORD H5975 [H8799] ; why standest H2351 thou outside H6437 [H8765] ? for I have prepared H1004 the house H4725 , and room H1581 for the camels.

Genesis 26:11-12

  11 H40 And Abimelech H6680 [H8762] charged H5971 all his people H559 [H8800] , saying H5060 [H8802] , He that toucheth H376 this man H802 or his wife H4191 [H8800] shall surely H4191 [H8714] be put to death.
  12 H3327 Then Isaac H2232 [H8799] sowed H776 in that land H4672 [H8799] , and received H8141 in the same year H3967 H8180 an hundredfold H3068 : and the LORD H1288 [H8762] blessed him.

Genesis 26:14-15

  14 H4735 For he had possession H6629 of flocks H4735 , and possession H1241 of herds H7227 , and very many H5657 servants H6430 : and the Philistines H7065 [H8762] envied him.
  15 H875 For all the wells H1 which his father's H5650 servants H2658 [H8804] had dug H3117 in the days H85 of Abraham H1 his father H6430 , the Philistines H5640 [H8765] had stopped H4390 [H8762] them, and filled H6083 them with earth.

Psalms 115:15

  15 H1288 [H8803] Ye are blessed H3068 of the LORD H6213 [H8802] who made H8064 heaven H776 and earth.

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