Genesis 26:15 Cross References - new

  15 H875 For all the wells H1 which his father's H5650 servants H2658 [H8804] had dug H3117 in the days H85 of Abraham H1 his father, H6430 the Philistines H5640 [H8765] had stopped H4390 [H8762] them, and filled H6083 them with dust.

Genesis 21:25

  25 H85 And Abraham H3198 [H8689] reproved H40 Abimelech H182 because H875 of a well H4325 of water, H40 which Abimelech's H5650 servants H1497 [H8804] had plucked off.

Genesis 21:30

  30 H559 [H8799] And he said, H7651 For these seven H3535 ewe lambs H3947 [H8799] shalt thou take H3027 from my hand, H5668 that H5713 they may be a witness H2658 [H8804] to me, that I have dug H875 this well.

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