Genesis 21:33 Cross References - new

  33 H5193 [H8799] And Abraham planted H815 a grove H884 in Beersheba H7121 [H8799] , and called H8034 there on the name H3068 of the LORD H5769 , the everlasting H410 God.

Genesis 4:26

  26 H8352 And to Seth H1931 , to him H3205 [H8795] also there was born H1121 a son H7121 [H8799] ; and he called H8034 his name H583 Enos H2490 [H8717] : then began men H7121 [H8800] to call H8034 upon the name H3068 of the LORD.

Genesis 12:8

  8 H6275 [H8686] And he departed H2022 from there to a mountain H6924 on the east H1008 of Bethel H5186 [H8799] , and pitched H168 his tent H1008 , having Bethel H3220 on the west H5857 , and Ai H6924 on the east H1129 [H8799] : and there he built H4196 an altar H3068 to the LORD H7121 [H8799] , and called H8034 upon the name H3068 of the LORD.

Genesis 26:23

  23 H5927 [H8799] And he went up H884 from there to Beersheba.

Genesis 26:25

  25 H1129 [H8799] And he built H4196 an altar H7121 [H8799] there, and called H8034 upon the name H3068 of the LORD H5186 [H8799] , and pitched H168 his tent H3327 there: and there Isaac's H5650 servants H3738 [H8799] dug H875 a well.

Genesis 26:33

  33 H7121 [H8799] And he called H7656 it Shebah H8034 : therefore the name H5892 of the city H884 is Beersheba H3117 to this day.

Deuteronomy 16:21

  21 H5193 [H8799] Thou shalt not plant H842 thee a grove H6086 of any trees H681 near to H4196 the altar H3068 of the LORD H430 thy God H6213 [H8799] , which thou shalt make for thee.

Deuteronomy 33:27

  27 H6924 The eternal H430 God H4585 is thy refuge H5769 , and underneath are the everlasting H2220 arms H1644 [H8762] : and he shall thrust out H341 [H8802] the enemy H6440 from before H559 [H8799] thee; and shall say H8045 [H8685] , Destroy them.

Judges 3:7

  7 H1121 And the children H3478 of Israel H6213 [H8799] did H7451 evil H5869 in the sight H3068 of the LORD H7911 [H8799] , and forgot H3068 the LORD H430 their God H5647 [H8799] , and served H1168 Baalim H842 and the groves.

Psalms 90:2

  2 H2022 Before the mountains H3205 [H8795] were brought forth H2342 [H8787] , or ever thou hadst formed H776 the earth H8398 and the world H5769 , even from everlasting H5704 to H5769 everlasting H410 , thou art God.

Isaiah 40:28

  28 H3045 [H8804] Hast thou not known H8085 [H8804] ? hast thou not heard H5769 , that the everlasting H430 God H3068 , the LORD H1254 [H8802] , the Creator H7098 of the ends H776 of the earth H3286 [H8799] , fainteth H3021 [H8799] not, neither is weary H2714 ? there is no searching H8394 of his understanding.

Isaiah 57:15

  15 H559 [H8804] For thus saith H7311 [H8802] the high H5375 [H8737] and lofty One H7931 [H8802] that inhabiteth H5703 eternity H8034 , whose name H6918 is Holy H7931 [H8799] ; I dwell H4791 in the high H6918 and holy H1793 place, with him also that is of a contrite H8217 and humble H7307 spirit H2421 [H8687] , to revive H7307 the spirit H8217 of the humble H2421 [H8687] , and to revive H3820 the heart H1792 [H8737] of the contrite ones.

Jeremiah 10:10

  10 H3068 But the LORD H571 is the true H430 God H2416 , he is the living H430 God H5769 , and an everlasting H4428 king H7110 : at his wrath H776 the earth H7493 [H8799] shall tremble H1471 , and the nations H3557 [H8686] shall not be able to abide H2195 his indignation.

Amos 8:14

  14 H7650 [H8737] They that swear H819 by the sin H8111 of Samaria H559 [H8804] , and say H430 , Thy god H1835 , O Dan H2416 , liveth H1870 ; and, The manner H884 of Beersheba H2416 liveth H5307 [H8804] ; even they shall fall H6965 [H8799] , and never rise again.

Romans 1:20

  20 G1063 For G517 the invisible things G846 of him G575 from G2937 the creation G2889 of the world G2529 [G5743] are clearly seen G3539 [G5746] , being understood G4161 by the things that are made G5037 , even G846 his G126 eternal G1411 power G2532 and G2305 Godhead G1519 ; so G846 that they G1511 [G5750] are G379 without excuse:

Romans 16:26

  26 G1161 But G3568 now G5319 [G5685] is made manifest G5037 , and G1223 by G1124 the scriptures G4397 of the prophets G2596 , according G2003 to the commandment G3588 of the G166 age-during G2316 God G1107 [G5685] , made known G1519 to G3956 all G1484 nations G1519 for G5218 the obedience G4102 of faith:

1 Timothy 1:17

  17 G1161 Now G3588 to the G935 King G3588 of the G165 ages G862 , immortal G517 , invisible G2316 , God G3441 the only G4680 wise G5092 , be honour G2532 and G1391 glory G1519 to G3588 the G165 ages G3588 of the G165 ages G281 . Amen.

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