Genesis 10:10 Cross References - new

  10 H7225 And the beginning H4467 of his kingdom H894 was Babel H751 , and Erech H390 , and Accad H3641 , and Calneh H776 , in the land H8152 of Shinar.

Genesis 11:2

  2 H5265 [H8800] And it came to pass, as they journeyed H6924 from the east H4672 [H8799] , that they found H1237 a plain H776 in the land H8152 of Shinar H3427 [H8799] ; and they dwelt there.

Genesis 11:9

  9 H8034 Therefore is the name of it H7121 [H8804] called H894 Babel H3068 ; because the LORD H1101 [H8804] there confounded H8193 the language H776 of all the earth H6327 0 : and from there did H3068 the LORD H6327 [H8689] scatter them abroad H6440 upon the face H776 of all the earth.

Genesis 14:1

  1 H3117 And it came to pass in the days H569 of Amraphel H4428 king H8152 of Shinar H746 , Arioch H4428 king H495 of Ellasar H3540 , Chedorlaomer H4428 king H5867 of Elam H8413 , and Tidal H4428 king H1471 of nations;

Isaiah 10:9

  9 H3641 Is not Calno H3751 as Carchemish H2574 ? is not Hamath H774 as Arpad H8111 ? is not Samaria H1834 as Damascus?

Isaiah 11:11

  11 H3117 And it shall come to pass in that day H136 , that the Lord H3254 0 shall set H3027 his hand H3254 [H8686] again H8145 the second time H7069 [H8800] to recover H7605 the remnant H5971 of his people H7604 [H8735] , which shall be left H804 , from Assyria H4714 , and from Egypt H6624 , and from Pathros H3568 , and from Cush H5867 , and from Elam H8152 , and from Shinar H2574 , and from Hamath H339 , and from the isles H3220 of the sea.

Isaiah 39:1

  1 H6256 At that time H4757 Merodachbaladan H1121 , the son H1081 of Baladan H4428 , king H894 of Babylon H7971 [H8804] , sent H5612 letters H4503 and a present H2396 to Hezekiah H8085 [H8799] : for he had heard H2470 [H8804] that he had been sick H2388 [H8799] , and had recovered.

Jeremiah 50:21

  21 H5927 [H8798] Go up H776 against the land H4850 of Merathaim H3427 [H8802] , even against it, and against the inhabitants H6489 of Pekod H2717 [H8798] : waste H2763 [H8687] and utterly destroy H310 after H5002 [H8803] them, saith H3068 the LORD H6213 [H8798] , and do H6680 [H8765] according to all that I have commanded thee.

Daniel 1:2

  2 H136 And the Lord H5414 [H8799] gave H3079 Jehoiakim H4428 king H3063 of Judah H3027 into his hand H7117 , with part H3627 of the vessels H1004 of the house H430 of God H935 [H8686] : which he carried H776 into the land H8152 of Shinar H1004 to the house H430 of his god H935 [H8689] ; and he brought H3627 the vessels H214 into the treasure H1004 house H430 of his god.

Amos 6:2

  2 H5674 [H8798] Pass H3641 ye to Calneh H7200 [H8798] , and see H3212 [H8798] ; and from there go H2574 ye to Hamath H7227 H2579 [H8677] the great H3381 [H8798] : then go down H1661 to Gath H6430 of the Philistines H2896 : are they better H4467 than these kingdoms H1366 ? or their border H7227 greater H1366 than your border?

Micah 4:10

  10 H2342 [H8798] Be in pain H1518 [H8798] , and labour to bring forth H1323 , O daughter H6726 of Zion H3205 [H8802] , like a woman in travail H3318 [H8799] : for now shalt thou go forth H7151 from the city H7931 [H8804] , and thou shalt dwell H7704 in the field H935 [H8804] , and thou shalt go H894 even to Babylon H5337 [H8735] ; there shalt thou be delivered H3068 ; there the LORD H1350 [H8799] shall redeem H3709 thee from the hand H341 [H8802] of thy enemies.

Micah 5:6

  6 H7462 [H8804] And they shall waste H776 the land H804 of Assyria H2719 with the sword H776 , and the land H5248 of Nimrod H6607 in its entrances H5337 [H8689] : thus shall he deliver H804 us from the Assyrian H935 [H8799] , when he cometh H776 into our land H1869 [H8799] , and when he treadeth H1366 within our borders.

Zechariah 5:11

  11 H559 [H8799] And he said H1129 [H8800] to me, To build H1004 for it an house H776 in the land H8152 of Shinar H3559 [H8717] : and it shall be established H3240 [H8717] , and set H4369 there upon her own base.

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