Ezra 8:20 Cross References - new

  20 H5411 Also of the Nethinims, H1732 whom David H8269 and the princes H5414 [H8804] had appointed H5656 for the service H3881 of the Levites, H3967 two hundred H6242 and twenty H5411 Nethinims: H5344 [H8738] all of them were mentioned H8034 by name.

1 Chronicles 9:2

  2 H7223 Now the first H3427 [H8802] inhabitants H272 that dwelt in their possessions H5892 in their cities H3478 were, the Israelites, H3548 the priests, H3881 Levites, H5411 and the Nethinims.

Ezra 2:43

  43 H5411 The Nethinims: H1121 the sons H6727 of Ziha, H1121 the sons H2817 of Hasupha, H1121 the sons H2884 of Tabbaoth,

Ezra 7:7

  7 H5927 [H8799] And there went H1121 some of the sons H3478 of Israel, H3548 and of the priests, H3881 and the Levites, H7891 [H8789] and the singers, H7778 and the porters, H5411 and the Nethinims, H3389 to Jerusalem, H7651 in the seventh H8141 year H783 of Artaxerxes H4428 the king.

Ezra 8:17

  17 H6680 [H8762] And I sent H3318 [H8686] them with commandment H112 to Iddo H7218 the chief H4725 at the place H3703 Casiphia, H7760 H6310 [H8799] and I told H1697 them what H1696 [H8763] they should say H112 to Iddo, H251 and to his brethren H5411 H5411 [H8675] the Nethinims, H4725 at the place H3703 Casiphia, H935 [H8687] that they should bring H8334 [H8764] to us ministers H1004 for the house H430 of our God.

Philippians 4:3

  3 G2532 And G2065 [G5719] I entreat G4571 thee G2532 also, G1103 genuine G4805 yokefellow, G4815 [G5732] help G846 those women G3748 who G4866 [G5656] laboured G3427 with me G1722 in G2098 the good news, G3326 with G2815 Clement G2532 also, G2532 and G3062 with other G3450 my G4904 fellow-workers, G3739 whose G3686 names G1722 are in G976 the book G2222 of life.

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