Ezekiel 47:12 Cross References - new

  12 H5158 And by the river H8193 upon its bank, H5927 [H8799] on this side and on that side, shall grow H6086 all trees H3978 for food, H5929 whose leaf H5034 [H8799] shall not fade, H6529 neither shall its fruit H8552 [H8799] be consumed: H1069 [H8762] it shall bring forth new fruit H2320 according to its months, H4325 because their waters H3318 [H8802] they issued out H4720 of the sanctuary: H6529 and its fruit H3978 shall be for food, H5929 and its leaf H8644 for medicine.

Genesis 2:9

  9 H4480 And out H127 of the soil H6779 0 made H3068 the LORD H430 God H6779 [H8686] to grow H6086 every tree H2530 [H8737] that is desirable H4758 to the sight, H2896 and good H3978 for food; H6086 the tree H2416 of life H8432 also in the midst H1588 of the garden, H6086 and the tree H1847 of knowledge H2896 of good H7451 and evil.

Job 8:16

  16 H7373 He is green H6440 at the face of H8121 the sun, H3127 and his branch H3318 [H8799] shooteth forth H1593 in his garden.

Psalms 1:3

  3 H6086 And he shall be like a tree H8362 [H8803] planted H6388 by the rivers H4325 of water, H5414 [H8799] that bringeth forth H6529 its fruit H6256 in its time; H5929 its leaf H5034 [H8799] also shall not wither; H6213 [H8799] and whatever he doeth H6743 [H8686] shall prosper.

Psalms 92:12

  12 H6662 The righteous H6524 [H8799] shall flourish H8558 like the palm tree: H7685 [H8799] he shall grow H730 like a cedar H3844 in Lebanon.

Isaiah 1:6

  6 H3709 From the sole H7272 of the foot H7218 even to the head H4974 there is no soundness H6482 in it; but wounds, H2250 and bruises, H2961 and putrifying H4347 sores: H2115 [H8804] they have not been closed, H2280 [H8795] neither bound up, H7401 [H8795] neither mollified H8081 with ointment.

Isaiah 60:21

  21 H5971 Thy people H6662 also shall be all righteous: H3423 [H8799] they shall possess H776 the land H5769 to the age, H5342 the branch H4302 of my planting, H4639 the work H3027 of my hands, H6286 [H8692] that I may be glorified.

Isaiah 61:3

  3 H7760 [H8800] To appoint H57 to them that mourn H6726 in Zion, H5414 [H8800] to give H6287 to them beauty H665 for ashes, H8081 the oil H8342 of joy H60 for mourning, H4594 the garment H8416 of praise H7307 for the spirit H3544 of heaviness; H7121 [H8795] that they may be called H352 trees H6664 of righteousness, H4302 the planting H3068 of the LORD, H6286 [H8692] that he may be glorified.

Jeremiah 8:22

  22 H6875 Is there no balm H1568 in Gilead; H7495 [H8802] is there no physician H3588 there? why then H724 is not the health H1323 of the daughter H5971 of my people H5927 [H8804] recovered?

Jeremiah 17:8

  8 H6086 For he shall be as a tree H8362 [H8803] planted H4325 by the waters, H7971 [H8762] and that spreadeth out H8328 her roots H3105 by the river, H7200 [H8799] and shall not see H2527 when heat H935 [H8799] cometh, H5929 but her leaf H7488 shall be green; H1672 [H8799] and shall not be anxious H8141 in the year H1226 of drought, H4185 [H8686] neither shall cease H6213 [H8800] from yielding H6529 fruit.

Ezekiel 47:7

  7 H7725 [H8800] Now when I had returned, H8193 behold, at the bank H5158 of the river H3966 were very H7227 many H6086 trees on the one side and on the other.

Revelation 22:2

  2 G1722 In G3319 the midst G846 of its G4113 street, G2532 and G2532 on each G1782 side G4215 of the river, G3586 was there the tree G2222 of life, G4160 [G5723] which bore G1427 twelve G2590 kinds of fruits, G591 [G5723] and yielded G846 her G2590 fruit G2596 G1538 G1520 every G3376 month: G2532 and G5444 the leaves G3586 of the tree G1519 were for G2322 the healing G1484 of the nations.

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