Exodus 7:17 Cross References - new

  17 H559 [H8804] Thus saith H3068 the LORD H3045 [H8799] , In this thou shalt know H3068 that I am the LORD H5221 [H8688] : behold, I will smite H4294 with the rod H3027 that is in my hand H4325 upon the waters H2975 which are in the river H2015 [H8738] , and they shall be turned H1818 to blood.

Exodus 1:22

  22 H6547 And Pharaoh H6680 [H8762] charged H5971 all his people H559 [H8800] , saying H1121 , Every son H3209 that is born H7993 [H8686] ye shall cast H2975 into the river H1323 , and every daughter H2421 [H8762] ye shall save alive.

Exodus 4:9

  9 H539 [H8686] And it shall come to pass, if they will not believe H8147 also these two H226 signs H8085 [H8799] , neither hearken H6963 to thy voice H3947 [H8804] , that thou shalt take H4325 of the water H2975 of the river H8210 [H8804] , and pour H3004 it upon the dry H4325 land: and the water H3947 [H8799] which thou takest H2975 out of the river H1818 shall become blood H3006 upon the dry land.

Exodus 5:2

  2 H6547 And Pharaoh H559 [H8799] said H3068 , Who is the LORD H8085 [H8799] , that I should obey H6963 his voice H3478 to let Israel H7971 [H8763] go H3045 [H8804] ? I know H3068 not the LORD H3478 , neither will I let Israel H7971 [H8762] go.

Exodus 6:7

  7 H3947 [H8804] And I will take H5971 you to me for a people H430 , and I will be to you a God H3045 [H8804] : and ye shall know H3068 that I am the LORD H430 your God H3318 [H8688] , who bringeth H5450 you out from under the burdens H4714 of the Egyptians.

Exodus 7:5

  5 H4714 And the Egyptians H3045 [H8804] shall know H3068 that I am the LORD H5186 [H8800] , when I stretch forth H3027 my hand H4714 upon Egypt H3318 [H8689] , and bring out H1121 the children H3478 of Israel H8432 from among them.

1 Samuel 17:46-47

  46 H3117 This day H3068 will the LORD H5462 [H8762] deliver H3027 thee into my hand H5221 [H8689] ; and I will smite H5493 [H8689] thee, and take H7218 thy head H5414 [H8804] from thee; and I will give H6297 the dead bodies H4264 of the host H6430 of the Philistines H3117 this day H5775 to the fowls H8064 of the air H2416 , and to the wild beasts H776 of the earth H776 ; that all the earth H3045 [H8799] may know H3426 that there is H430 a God H3478 in Israel.
  47 H6951 And all this assembly H3045 [H8799] shall know H3068 that the LORD H3467 [H8686] saveth H2719 not with sword H2595 and spear H4421 : for the battle H3068 is the LORD'S H5414 [H8804] , and he will give H3027 you into our hands.

1 Kings 20:28

  28 H5066 [H8799] And there came H376 a man H430 of God H559 [H8799] , and spoke H4428 to the king H3478 of Israel H559 [H8799] , and said H559 [H8804] , Thus saith H3068 the LORD H758 , Because the Syrians H559 [H8804] have said H3068 , The LORD H430 is God H2022 of the hills H430 , but he is not God H6010 of the valleys H5414 [H8804] , therefore will I deliver H1419 all this great H1995 multitude H3027 into thy hand H3045 [H8804] , and ye shall know H3068 that I am the LORD.

2 Kings 19:19

  19 H3068 Now therefore, O LORD H430 our God H3467 [H8685] , I beseech thee, save H3027 thou us from his hand H4467 , that all the kingdoms H776 of the earth H3045 [H8799] may know H3068 that thou art the LORD H430 God, even thou only.

Psalms 9:16

  16 H3068 The LORD H3045 [H8738] is known H4941 by the judgment H6213 [H8804] which he executeth H7563 : the wicked H5367 [H8804] is snared H6467 in the work H3709 of his own hands H1902 . Higgaion H5542 . Selah.

Psalms 78:44

  44 H2015 [H8799] And had turned H2975 their rivers H1818 into blood H5140 [H8802] ; and their streams H8354 [H8799] , that they could not drink.

Psalms 83:18

  18 H3045 [H8799] That men may know H8034 that thou, whose name G2962 alone is lord H3068   H5945 , art the most high H776 over all the earth.

Psalms 105:29

  29 H2015 [H8804] He turned H4325 their waters H1818 into blood H4191 [H8686] , and slew H1710 their fish.

Ezekiel 29:9

  9 H776 And the land H4714 of Egypt H8077 shall be desolate H2723 and waste H3045 [H8804] ; and they shall know H3068 that I am the LORD H559 [H8804] : because he hath said H2975 , The river H6213 [H8804] is mine, and I have made it.

Ezekiel 30:8

  8 H3045 [H8804] And they shall know H3068 that I am the LORD H5414 [H8800] , when I have set H784 a fire H4714 in Egypt H5826 [H8802] , and when all her helpers H7665 [H8738] shall be destroyed.

Ezekiel 30:19

  19 H6213 [H8804] Thus will I execute H8201 judgments H4714 in Egypt H3045 [H8804] : and they shall know H3068 that I am the LORD.

Ezekiel 32:15

  15 H5414 [H8800] When I shall make H776 the land H4714 of Egypt H8077 desolate H776 , and the country H8074 [H8737] shall be destitute H4393 of that of which it was full H5221 [H8687] , when I shall smite H3427 [H8802] all them that dwell H3045 [H8804] in it, then shall they know H3068 that I am the LORD.

Ezekiel 38:23

  23 H1431 [H8694] Thus will I magnify H6942 [H8694] myself, and sanctify H3045 [H8738] myself; and I will be known H5869 in the eyes H7227 of many H1471 nations H3045 [H8804] , and they shall know H3068 that I am the LORD.

Ezekiel 39:28

  28 H3045 [H8804] Then shall they know H3068 that I am the LORD H430 their God H1540 [H8687] , who caused them to be led into captivity H1471 among the heathen H3664 [H8765] : but I have gathered H127 them to their own land H3498 [H8686] , and have left none of them there any more.

Daniel 4:17

  17 H6600 This matter H1510 is by the decree H5894 of the watchers H7595 , and the demand H3983 by the word H6922 of the holy ones H5705 : to H1701 the intent H2417 that the living H3046 [H8748] may know H5943 that the most High H7990 ruleth H4437 in the kingdom H606 of men H5415 [H8748] , and giveth H4479 it to whomever H6634 [H8748] he will H6966 [H8681] , and setteth up H5922 over H8215 it the basest H606 of men.

Daniel 4:32

  32 H2957 [H8751] And they shall drive H4481 thee from H606 men H4070 , and thy dwelling H5974 shall be with H2423 the beasts H1251 of the field H2939 [H8748] : they shall make thee to eat H6211 grass H8450 as oxen H7655 , and seven H5732 times H2499 shall pass H5922 over H5705 thee, until H3046 [H8748] thou shalt know H5943 that the most High H7990 ruleth H4437 in the kingdom H606 of men H5415 [H8748] , and giveth H4479 it to whomever H6634 [H8748] he will.

Daniel 4:37

  37 H3705 Now H576 I H5020 Nebuchadnezzar H7624 [H8743] praise H7313 [H8751] and extol H1922 [H8743] and honour H4430 the King H8065 of heaven H3606 , all H4567 whose works H7187 are truth H735 , and his ways H1780 judgment H1981 [H8683] : and those that walk H1467 in pride H3202 [H8750] he is able H8214 [H8682] to abase.

Daniel 5:21

  21 H2957 [H8752] And he was driven H4481 from H1123 the sons H606 of men H3825 ; and his heart H7739 [H8745] was made H5974 like H2423 the beasts H4070 , and his dwelling H6167 was with the wild donkeys H2939 [H8748] : they fed H6211 him with grass H8450 like oxen H1655 , and his body H6647 [H8721] was wet H2920 with the dew H8065 of heaven H5705 ; till H3046 [H8754] he knew H5943 that the most high H426 God H7990 ruleth H4437 in the kingdom H606 of men H6966 [H8681] , and that he appointeth H5922 over H4479 it whomever H6634 [H8748] he will.

Daniel 5:23

  23 H7313 [H8712] But hast lifted up H5922 thyself against H4756 the Lord H8065 of heaven H858 [H8684] ; and they have brought H3984 the vessels H1005 of his house H6925 before H607 thee, and thou H7261 , and thy lords H7695 , thy wives H3904 , and thy concubines H8355 [H8750] , have drunk H2562 wine H7624 [H8745] in them; and thou hast praised H426 the gods H3702 of silver H1722 , and gold H5174 , of brass H6523 , iron H636 , wood H69 , and stone H2370 [H8751] , which see H3809 not H3809 , nor H8086 [H8750] hear H3809 , nor H3046 [H8751] know H426 : and the God H3028 in whose hand H5396 thy breath H3606 is, and whose are all H735 thy ways H3809 , thou hast not H1922 [H8745] glorified:

Revelation 8:8

  8 G2532 And G1208 the second G32 angel G4537 [G5656] sounded G2532 , and G5613 as it were G3173 a great G3735 mountain G2545 [G5746] burning G4442 with fire G906 [G5681] was cast G1519 into G2281 the sea G2532 : and G5154 the third part G2281 of the sea G1096 [G5633] became G129 blood;

Revelation 11:6

  6 G3778 These G2192 [G5719] have G1849 power G2808 [G5658] to shut G3772 heaven G3363 0 , that G1026 G5205 [G5725] it rain G3363 not G1722 in G2250 the days G846 of their G4394 prophecy G2532 : and G2192 [G5719] have G1849 power G1909 over G5204 waters G4762 [G5721] to turn G846 them G1519 to G129 blood G2532 , and G3960 [G5658] to smite G1093 the earth G3956 with all G4127 plagues G3740 , as often G1437 as G2309 [G5661] they will.

Revelation 16:3-6

  3 G2532 And G1208 the second G32 angel G1632 [G5656] poured out G846 his G5357 vial G1519 upon G2281 the sea G2532 ; and G1096 [G5633] it became G5613 as G129 the blood G3498 of a dead G2532 man: and G3956 every G2198 [G5723] living G5590 soul G599 [G5627] died G1722 in G2281 the sea.
  4 G2532 And G5154 the third G32 angel G1632 [G5656] poured out G846 his G5357 vial G1519 upon G4215 the rivers G2532 G1519 and G4077 fountains G5204 of waters G2532 ; and G1096 [G5633] they became G129 blood.
  5 G2532 And G191 [G5656] I heard G32 the angel G5204 of the waters G3004 [G5723] say G1488 [G5748] , Thou art G1342 righteous G2962 , O Lord G3588 , who G5607 G3801 0 [G5752] art G2532 , and G2258 G3801 0 [G5713] wast G2532 , and G3741 G3801 [G5706] shalt be G3754 , because G2919 [G5656] thou hast judged G5023 thus.
  6 G3754 For G1632 [G5656] they have shed G129 the blood G40 of saints G2532 and G4396 prophets G2532 , and G1325 [G5656] thou hast given G846 them G129 blood G4095 [G5629] to drink G1063 ; for G1526 [G5748] they are G514 worthy.

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