Deuteronomy 4:27 Cross References - new

  27 H3068 And the LORD H6327 [H8689] shall scatter H5971 you among the peoples, H7604 [H8738] and ye shall be left H4962 few H4557 in number H1471 among the nations, H3068 where the LORD H5090 [H8762] shall lead you.

Leviticus 26:33

  33 H2219 [H8762] And I will scatter H1471 you among the nations, H7324 [H8689] and will draw out H2719 a sword H310 after H776 you: and your land H8077 shall be desolate, H5892 and your cities H2723 dry.

Deuteronomy 28:62-64

  62 H7604 [H8738] And ye shall be left H4592 few H4962 in number, H834 though H3556 ye were as the stars H8064 of heaven H7230 for abundance; H8085 [H8804] because thou wouldest not obey H6963 the voice H3068 of the LORD H430 thy God.
  63 H3068 And it shall come to pass, that as the LORD H7797 [H8804] rejoiced H3190 [H8687] over you to do you good, H7235 [H8687] and to multiply H3068 you; so the LORD H7797 [H8799] will rejoice H6 [H8687] over you to destroy H8045 [H8687] you, and to bring you to nought; H5255 [H8738] and ye shall be plucked H127 from off the soil H935 [H8802] where thou goest H3423 [H8800] to possess it.
  64 H3068 And the LORD H6327 [H8689] shall scatter H5971 thee among all people, H7097 from the one end H776 of the earth H7097 even to the other; H5647 [H8804] and there thou shalt serve H312 other H430 gods, H1 which neither thou nor thy fathers H3045 [H8804] have known, H6086 even wood H68 and stone.

Nehemiah 1:3

  3 H559 [H8799] And they said H7604 [H8737] to me, The remnant H7604 [H8738] that are left H7628 of the captivity H4082 there in the province H1419 are in great H7451 affliction H2781 and reproach: H2346 the wall H3389 of Jerusalem H6555 [H8794] also is broken down, H8179 and its gates H3341 [H8738] are burned H784 with fire.

Nehemiah 1:8-9

  8 H2142 [H8798] Remember, H1697 I beseech thee, the word H6680 [H8765] that thou didst command H5650 thy servant H4872 Moses, H559 [H8800] saying, H4603 [H8799] If ye transgress, H6327 [H8686] I will scatter you abroad H5971 among the peoples:
  9 H7725 [H8804] But if ye turn H8104 [H8804] to me, and keep H4687 my commandments, H6213 [H8804] and do H5080 [H8737] them; though there were of you driven H7097 to the uttermost part H8064 of the heaven, H6908 [H8762] yet will I gather H935 [H8689] them from there, and will bring H4725 them to the place H977 [H8804] that I have chosen H7931 [H8763] to set H8034 my name there.

Ezekiel 12:15

  15 H3045 [H8804] And they shall know H3068 that I am the LORD, H6327 [H8687] when I shall scatter H1471 them among the nations, H2219 [H8765] and disperse H776 them in the lands.

Ezekiel 32:26

  26 H4902 There is Meshech, H8422 Tubal, H1995 and all her multitude: H6913 her burying-places H5439 are around H6189 him: all of them uncircumcised, H2490 [H8794] slain H2719 by the sword, H5414 [H8804] though they caused H2851 their terror H776 in the land H2416 of the living.

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