Deuteronomy 27:20 Cross References - new

  20 H779 [H8803] Cursed H7901 [H8802] be he that lieth H1 with his father's H802 wife; H1540 [H8765] because he uncovereth H1 his father's H3671 skirt. H5971 And all the people H559 [H8804] shall say, H543 Amen.

Genesis 35:22

  22 H3478 And it came to pass, when Israel H7931 [H8800] dwelt H776 in that land, H7205 that Reuben H3212 [H8799] went H7901 [H8799] and lay H1090 with Bilhah H1 his father's H6370 concubine: H3478 and Israel H8085 [H8799] heard H1121 it. Now the sons H3290 of Jacob H8147 H6240 were twelve:

Genesis 49:4

  4 H6349 Unstable H4325 as water, H3498 [H8686] thou shalt not excel; H5927 [H8804] because thou wentest up H1 to thy father's H4904 bed; H2490 [H8765] then thou didst defile H5927 [H8804] it: he went up H3326 to my couch.

Leviticus 18:8

  8 H6172 The nakedness H1 of thy father's H802 wife H1540 [H8762] shalt thou not uncover: H1 it is thy father's H6172 nakedness.

Leviticus 20:11

  11 H376 And the man H7901 [H8799] that lieth H1 with his father's H802 wife H1540 [H8765] hath uncovered H1 his father's H6172 nakedness: H8147 both H4191 [H8800] of them shall surely H4191 [H8714] be put to death; H1818 their blood shall be upon them.

Deuteronomy 22:30

  30 H376 A man H3947 [H8799] shall not take H1 his father's H802 wife, H1540 [H8762] nor uncover H1 his father's H3671 skirt.

2 Samuel 16:22

  22 H5186 [H8686] So they spread H53 Absalom H168 a tent H1406 upon the top of the house; H53 and Absalom H935 [H8799] went in H1 to his father's H6370 concubines H5869 in the eyes H3478 of all Israel.

1 Chronicles 5:1

  1 H1121 Now the sons H7205 of Reuben H1060 the firstborn H3478 of Israel, H1060 (for he was the firstborn; H2490 [H8763] but, forasmuch as he defiled H1 his father's H3326 bed, H1062 his birthright H5414 [H8738] was given H1121 to the sons H3130 of Joseph H1121 the son H3478 of Israel: H3187 [H8692] and the genealogy is not to be reckoned H1062 after the birthright.

Ezekiel 22:10

  10 H1540 [H8765] In thee have they uncovered H1 their fathers' H6172 nakedness: H6031 [H8765] in thee have they humbled H5079 her that was set apart H2931 for pollution.

Amos 2:7

  7 H7602 [H8802] That pant H6083 after the dust H776 of the earth H7218 on the head H1800 of the poor, H5186 [H8686] and turn aside H1870 the way H6035 of the meek: H376 and a man H1 and his father H3212 [H8799] will go H5291 in to the same damsel, H2490 [H8763] to profane H6944 my holy H8034 name:

1 Corinthians 5:1

  1 G4202 Fornication G191 0 is G3654 wholly G191 [G5743] heard G1722 among G5213 you, G2532 and G5108 such G4202 fornication G3748 which G3687 0 is G3761 not even G3687 [G5743] named G1722 among G1484 the nations, G5620 so as for G5100 someone G2192 [G5721] to have G3962 his father's G1135 wife.

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