2 Chronicles 3:10 Cross References - new

  10 H6944 And in the most H6944 holy H1004 house H6213 [H8799] he made H8147 two H3742 cherubim H6816 of image H4639 work, H6823 [H8762] and overlaid H2091 them with gold.

Exodus 25:18

  18 H6213 [H8804] And thou shalt make H8147 two H3742 cherubim H2091 of gold, H4749 of beaten work H6213 [H8799] shalt thou make H8147 them, in the two H7098 ends H3727 of the mercy seat.

1 Kings 6:23-28

  23 H1687 And within the inner sanctuary H6213 [H8799] he made H8147 two H3742 cherubim H8081 of olive H6086 tree, H6235 each ten H520 cubits H6967 high.
  24 H2568 And five H520 cubits H259 was the one H3671 wing H3742 of the cherub, H2568 and five H520 cubits H8145 the other H3671 wing H3742 of the cherub: H7098 from the outmost part H3671 of the one wing H7098 to the outmost part H3671 of the other H6235 were ten H520 cubits.
  25 H8145 And the other H3742 cherub H6235 was ten H520 cubits: H8147 both H3742 the cherubim H259 were of one H4060 measure H259 and one H7095 size.
  26 H6967 The height H259 of the one H3742 cherub H6235 was ten H520 cubits, H8145 and so was it of the other H3742 cherub.
  27 H5414 [H8799] And he set H3742 the cherubim H8432 within H6442 the inner H1004 house: H6566 [H8799] and they stretched forth H3671 the wings H3742 of the cherubim, H3671 so that the wing H259 of the one H5060 [H8799] touched H7023 the one wall, H3671 and the wing H8145 of the other H3742 cherub H5060 [H8802] touched H8145 the other H7023 wall; H3671 and their wings H5060 [H8802] touched H3671 one H3671 another H8432 in the midst H1004 of the house.
  28 H6823 [H8762] And he overlaid H3742 the cherubim H2091 with gold.

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