1 Samuel 8:15 Cross References - new

  15 H6237 [H8799] And he will take the tenth H2233 of your seed, H3754 and of your vineyards, H5414 [H8804] and give H5631 to his officers, H5650 and to his servants.

Genesis 37:36

  36 H4092 And the Midianites H4376 [H8804] sold H4714 him into Egypt H6318 to Potiphar, H5631 an officer H6547 of Pharaoh's, H8269 and captain H2876 of the guard.

Isaiah 39:7

  7 H1121 And of thy sons H3318 [H8799] that shall issue H3205 [H8686] from thee, which thou shalt beget, H3947 [H8799] shall they take away; H5631 and they shall be eunuchs H1964 in the palace H4428 of the king H894 of Babylon.

Daniel 1:3

  3 H4428 And the king H559 [H8799] spoke H828 to Ashpenaz H7227 the master H5631 of his eunuchs, H935 [H8687] that he should bring H1121 certain of the sons H3478 of Israel, H4410 and of the king's H2233 seed, H6579 and of the princes;

Daniel 1:7-10

  7 H8269 To whom the prince H5631 of the eunuchs H7760 [H8799] gave H8034 names: H7760 [H8799] for he gave H1840 to Daniel H1095 the name of Belteshazzar; H2608 and to Hananiah, H7714 of Shadrach; H4332 and to Mishael, H4335 of Meshach; H5838 and to Azariah, H5664 of Abednego.
  8 H1840 But Daniel H7760 [H8799] purposed H3820 in his heart H1351 [H8691] that he would not defile H6598 0 himself with the portion H4428 of the king's H6598 food, H3196 nor with the wine H4960 which he drank: H1245 [H8762] therefore he requested H8269 of the prince H5631 of the eunuchs H1351 [H8691] that he might not defile himself.
  9 H430 Now God H5414 [H8799] had brought H1840 Daniel H2617 into mercy H7356 and compassions H6440 with H8269 the prince H5631 of the eunuchs.
  10 H8269 And the prince H5631 of the eunuchs H559 [H8799] said H1840 to Daniel, H3373 I fear H113 my sovereign H4428 the king, H4487 [H8765] who hath appointed H3978 your food H4960 and your drink: H7200 [H8799] for why should he see H6440 your faces H2196 [H8802] worse looking H3206 than the children H1524 who are of your age? H2325 [H8765] then shall ye make me endanger H7218 my head H4428 to the king.

Daniel 1:18

  18 H7117 Now at the end H3117 of the days H4428 that the king H559 [H8804] had said H935 [H8687] he should bring H8269 them in, then the prince H5631 of the eunuchs H935 [H8686] brought H6440 them in at the face of H5019 Nebuchadnezzar.

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