1 Corinthians 1:27 Cross References - new

  27 G235 But G2316 God G1586 [G5668] hath chosen G3474 the foolish things G2889 of the world G2443 to G2617 [G5725] confound G4680 the wise; G2532 and G2316 God G1586 [G5668] hath chosen G772 the weak things G2889 of the world G2443 to G2617 [G5725] confound G2478 the things which are strong;

Psalms 8:2

  2 H6310 Out of the mouth H5768 of babes H3243 [H8802] and sucklings H3245 [H8765] hast thou ordained H5797 strength H6887 [H8802] because of thy enemies, H7673 [H8687] that thou mightest still H341 [H8802] the enemy H5358 [H8693] and the avenger.

Isaiah 26:5-6

  5 H7817 [H8689] For he bringeth down H3427 [H8802] them that dwell H4791 on high; H7682 [H8737] the lofty H7151 city, H8213 [H8686] he layeth it low; H8213 [H8686] he layeth it low, H776 even to the earth; H5060 [H8686] he bringeth H6083 it even to the dust.
  6 H7272 The foot H7429 [H8799] shall tread it down, H7272 even the feet H6041 of the poor, H6471 and the steps H1800 of the needy.

Isaiah 29:14

  14 H3254 [H8802] Therefore, behold, I will proceed H6381 [H8687] to do a marvellous work H5971 among this people, H6381 [H8687] even a marvellous work H6382 and a wonder: H2451 for the wisdom H2450 of their wise H6 [H8804] men shall perish, H998 and the understanding H995 [H8737] of their prudent H5641 [H8691] men shall be hid.

Isaiah 29:19

  19 H6035 The meek H3254 [H8804] also shall increase H8057 their joy H3068 in the LORD, H34 and the poor H120 among men H1523 [H8799] shall rejoice H6918 in the Holy One H3478 of Israel.

Zephaniah 3:12

  12 H7604 [H8689] I will also leave H7130 in the midst H6041 of thee an afflicted H1800 and poor H5971 people, H2620 [H8804] and they shall trust H8034 in the name H3068 of the LORD.

Matthew 4:18-22

  18 G1161 And G2424 Jesus, G4043 [G5723] walking G3844 by G2281 the sea G1056 of Galilee, G1492 [G5627] saw G1417 two G80 brethren, G4613 Simon G3004 [G5746] called G4074 Peter, G2532 and G406 Andrew G846 his G80 brother, G906 [G5723] casting G293 a net G1519 into G2281 the sea: G1063 for G2258 [G5713] they were G231 fishermen.
  19 G2532 And G3004 [G5719] he saith G846 to them, G1205 G3694 [G5773] { Follow G3450 me, G2532 and G4160 [G5692] I will make G5209 you G231 fishers G444 of men.}
  20 G1161 And G2112 they immediately G863 [G5631] left G1350 their nets, G190 [G5656] and followed G846 him.
  21 G2532 And G4260 [G5631] going on G1564 from there, G1492 [G5627] he saw G243 other G1417 two G80 brethren, G2385 Jacobus G3588 the son of G2199 Zebedee, G2532 and G2491 John G846 his G80 brother, G1722 in G4143 a boat G3326 with G2199 Zebedee G846 their G3962 father, G2675 [G5723] mending G846 their G1350 nets; G2532 and G2564 [G5656] he called G846 them.
  22 G1161 And G2112 they immediately G863 [G5631] left G4143 the boat G2532 and G846 their G3962 father, G190 [G5656] and followed G846 him.

Matthew 9:9

  9 G2532 And as G2424 Jesus G3855 [G5723] passed on G1564 from there, G1492 [G5627] he saw G444 a man, G3004 [G5746] named G3156 Matthew, G2521 [G5740] sitting G1909 at G5058 the tax office: G2532 and G3004 [G5719] he saith G846 to him, G190 [G5720] { Follow G3427 me. G2532 } And G450 [G5631] he arose, G190 [G5656] and followed G846 him.

Matthew 11:25

  25 G1722 At G1565 that G2540 season G2424 Jesus G611 [G5679] answered G2036 [G5627] and said, G1843 [G5731] { I thank G4671 thee, G3962 O Father, G2962 Lord G3772 of heaven G2532 and G1093 earth, G3754 because G613 [G5656] thou hast hid G5023 these things G575 from G4680 the wise G2532 and G4908 prudent, G2532 and G601 [G5656] hast revealed G846 them G3516 to infants.}

Matthew 21:16

  16 G2532 And G2036 [G5627] said G846 to him, G191 [G5719] Hearest thou G5101 what G3778 these G3004 [G5719] say? G1161 And G2424 Jesus G3004 [G5719] saith G846 to them, G3483 { Yea; G3763 have ye never G314 [G5627] read, G3754   G1537 Out of G4750 the mouth G3516 of infants G2532 and G2337 [G5723] sucklings G2675 [G5668] thou hast perfected G136 praise?}

Luke 19:39-40

  39 G2532 And G5100 some G5330 of the Pharisees G575 from G3793 among the crowd G2036 [G5627] said G4314 to G846 him, G1320 Master, G2008 [G5657] rebuke G4675 thy G3101 disciples.
  40 G2532 And G611 [G5679] he answered G2036 [G5627] and said G846 to them, G3004 [G5719] { I tell G5213 you G3754 that, G1437 if G3778 these G4623 [G5661] should hold their peace, G3037 the stones G2896 [G5688] would immediately cry out.}

Luke 21:15

  15 G1063 { For G1473 I G1325 [G5692] will give G5213 you G4750 a mouth G2532 and G4678 wisdom, G3739 which G3956 all G5213 your G480 [G5740] adversaries G1410 0 shall G3756 not G1410 [G5695] be able G471 [G5629] to speak against G3761 nor G436 [G5629] withstand.}

Acts 4:11-21

  11 G3778 This G2076 [G5748] is G3037 the stone G3588 which G1848 [G5685] is being treated with contempt G5259 by G5216 you G3618 [G5723] builders, G3588 which G1096 [G5637] is becoming G2776 the head G1519 of G1137 the corner.
  12 G2532 G3756 Neither G2076 [G5748] is there G4991 salvation G1722 in G3762 any G243 other: G1063 for G2076 [G5748] there is G3777 no G2087 other G3686 name G5259 under G3772 heaven G1325 [G5772] given G1722 among G444 men, G1722 by G3739 which G2248 we G1163 [G5748] must G4982 [G5683] be saved.
  13 G1161 Now G2334 [G5723] when they saw G3954 the boldness G4074 of Peter G2532 and G2491 John, G2532 and G2638 [G5642] perceived G3754 that G1526 [G5748] they were G62 unlearned G2532 and G2399 ignorant G444 men, G2296 [G5707] they marvelled; G5037 and G1921 [G5707] they took knowledge G846 of them, G3754 that G2258 [G5713] they had been G4862 with G2424 Jesus.
  14 G1161 And G991 [G5723] beholding G444 the man G2323 [G5772] who was healed G2476 [G5761] standing G4862 with G846 them, G2192 [G5707] they could G471 0 say G3762 nothing G471 [G5629] against it.
  15 G1161 But G2753 [G5660] having ordered G846 them G565 [G5629] to go forth G1854 outside G4892 the sanhedrin, G4820 [G5627] they engaged G4314 with G240 one another,
  16 G3004 [G5723] Saying, G5101 What G4160 [G5692] shall we do G5125 to these G444 men? G1063 for G3754 that G3303 indeed G1110 a known G4592 sign G1096 [G5754] hath been done G1223 by G846 them G5318 is apparent G3956 to all G3588 the ones G2730 [G5723] dwelling G2419 in Jerusalem; G2532 and G3756 G1410 [G5736] we cannot G720 [G5664] deny it.
  17 G235 But G3363 0 that G1268 [G5686] it may spread G3363 no G1909 G4119 further G1519 among G2992 the people, G547 let us strictly G546 [G5672] threaten G846 them, G2980 [G5721] that they speak G3371 henceforth G3367 to no G444 man G1909 in G5129 this G3686 name.
  18 G2532 And G2564 [G5660] they called G846 them, G3853 [G5656] and commanded G846 them G3361 not G5350 [G5738] to utter a sound G2527 at all G3366 nor G1321 [G5721] teach G1909 in G3686 the name G2424 of Jesus.
  19 G1161 But G4074 Peter G2532 and G2491 John G611 [G5679] answered G2036 [G5627] and said G4314 to G846 them, G1487 Whether G2076 [G5748] it is G1342 right G1799 in the sight G2316 of God G191 [G5721] to hearken G5216 to you G3123 G2228 rather than G2316 to God, G2919 [G5657] judge ye.
  20 G1063 For G2249 we G3756 G1410 [G5736] cannot G3361 but G2980 [G5721] speak G3739 the things which G1492 [G5627] we have seen G2532 and G191 [G5656] heard.
  21 G1161 So G4324 [G5671] when they had further threatened them, G630 0 they let G846 them G630 [G5656] go, G2147 [G5723] finding G3367 nothing G4459 how G2849 [G5672] they might curtail G846 them, G1223 because G2992 of the people: G3754 for G3956 all G1392 [G5707] men glorified G2316 God G1909 for G1096 [G5756] that which was done.

Acts 6:9-10

  9 G1161 Then G450 [G5656] there arose G5100 certain G1537 of G4864 the synagogue, G3588 which G3004 [G5746] is called G3032 the synagogue of the Libertines, G2532 and G2956 Cyrenians, G2532 and G221 Alexandrians, G2532 and G575 of them from G2791 Cilicia G2532 and G773 of Asia, G4802 [G5723] disputing G4736 with Stephen.
  10 G2532 And G2480 0 they were G3756 not G2480 [G5707] able G436 [G5629] to resist G4678 the wisdom G2532 and G4151 the spirit G3739 by which G2980 [G5707] he spoke.

Acts 7:35

  35 G5126 This G3475 Moses G3739 whom G720 [G5662] they refused, G2036 [G5631] saying, G5101 Who G2525 [G5656] made G4571 thee G758 a ruler G2532 and G1348 a judge? G5126 the same G2316 did God G649 [G5656] send G758 to be a ruler G2532 and G3086 a deliverer G1722 by G5495 the hand G32 of the messenger G3588 who G3700 [G5685] appeared G846 to him G1722 in G942 the bush.

Acts 7:54

  54 G1161 And G191 [G5723] hearing G5023 these things, G1282 [G5712] they were cut G3588   G846 in their G2588 G846 hearts, G2532 and G1031 [G5707] they gnashed G3588   G1909 upon G846 him G3599 with their teeth.

Acts 17:18

  18 G1161 Then G5100 certain G5386 philosophers G1946 of the Epicureans, G2532 and G4770 of the Stoics, G4820 [G5707] engaged with G846 him. G2532 And G5100 some G3004 [G5707] said, G5101 What G302 G2309 [G5722] will G3778 this G4691 seed picker G3004 [G5721] say? G1161 and G3588 some others, G1380 [G5719] He seemeth G1511 [G5750] to be G2604 a proclaimer G3581 of strange G1140 demons: G3754 because G2097 [G5710] he announced good news G846 to them G2424 of Jesus, G2532 and G386 the resurrection.

Acts 24:24-25

  24 G1161 And G3326 after G5100 certain G2250 days, G5344 when Felix G3854 [G5637] came G4862 with G846 his G1135 wife G1409 Drusilla, G5607 [G5752] who was G2453 a Judean, G3343 [G5662] he sent for G3972 Paul, G2532 and G191 [G5656] heard G846 him G4012 concerning G4102 the faith G1519 in G5547 Christ.
  25 G1161 And G846 as he G1256 [G5740] reasoned G4012 of G1343 righteousness, G2532 G1466 self-control, G2532 and G2917 judgment G3195 G1510 [G5723] to come, G5344 Felix G1096 G1719 [G5637] trembled, G611 [G5662] and answered, G4198 [G5737] Go thy way G3568 for this time; G1161 when G2192 G3335 [G5723] I have G2540 a convenient season, G3333 [G5698] I will call for G4571 thee.

1 Corinthians 1:20

  20 G4226 Where G4680 is the wise? G4226 where G1122 is the scribe? G4226 where G4804 is the disputer G5127 of this G165 age? G3471 0 hath G3780 not G2316 God G3471 [G5656] made foolish G4678 the wisdom G5127 of this G2889 world?

2 Corinthians 4:7

  7 G1161 But G2192 [G5719] we have G5126 this G2344 treasure G1722 in G3749 earthen G4632 vessels, G2443 that G5236 the excellency G1411 of the power G5600 [G5753] may be G2316 of God, G2532 and G3361 not G1537 from G2257 us.

2 Corinthians 10:4-5

  4 G1063 (For G3696 the weapons G2257 of our G4752 warfare G3756 are not G4559 fleshly, G235 but G1415 powerful G2316 through God G4314 to G2506 the demolition G3794 of strong holds;)
  5 G2507 [G5723] Demolishing G3053 imaginations, G2532 and G3956 every G5313 high thing G1869 [G5734] being exalted G2596 against G3588 the G1108 knowledge G3588   G2316 of God, G2532 and G163 [G5723] bringing into captivity G3956 every G3540 perception G1519 into G3588 the G5218 obedience G3588 of the G5547 Christ;

2 Corinthians 10:10

  10 G3754 For G1992 G3303 his letters, G5346 [G5748] say they, G926 are weighty G2532 and G2478 strong; G1161 but G4983 his bodily G3952 presence G772 is weak, G2532 and G3056 his speech G1848 [G5772] contemptible.

James 2:5

  5 G191 [G5657] Hearken, G3450 my G27 beloved G80 brethren, G1586 0 Hath G3756 not G2316 God G1586 [G5668] chosen G4434 the poor G5127 of this G2889 world G4145 rich G1722 in G4102 faith, G2532 and G2818 heirs G932 of the kingdom G3739 which G1861 [G5662] he hath promised G25 [G5723] to them that love G846 him?

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