Mark 7:32 Cross References - YLT

32 and they bring to him a deaf, stuttering man, and they call on him that he may put the hand on him.

Matthew 9:32-33

32 And as they are coming forth, lo, they brought to him a man dumb, a demoniac, 33 and the demon having been cast out, the dumb spake, and the multitude did wonder, saying that `It was never so seen in Israel:'

Mark 5:23

23 and he was calling upon him much, saying—`My little daughter is at the last extremity—that having come, thou mayest lay on her thy hands, so that she may be saved, and she shall live;'

Luke 11:14

14 And he was casting forth a demon, and it was dumb, and it came to pass, the demon having gone forth, the dumb man spake, and the multitudes wondered,

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