Judges 5:6 Cross References - YLT

6 In the days of Shamgar son of Anath—In the days of Jael—The ways have ceased, And those going in the paths go in crooked ways.

Leviticus 26:22

22 and sent against you the beast of the field, and it hath bereaved you; and I have cut off your cattle, and have made you few, and your ways have been desolate.

Judges 3:31

31 And after him hath been Shamgar son of Anath, and he smiteth the Philistines—six hundred men—with an ox-goad, and he saveth—he also—Israel.

Judges 4:17-18

17 And Sisera hath fled on his feet unto the tent of Jael wife of Heber the Kenite, for peace is between Jabin king of Hazor and the house of Heber the Kenite; 18 and Jael goeth out to meet Sisera, and saith unto him, `Turn aside, my lord, turn aside unto me, fear not;' and he turneth aside unto her, into the tent, and she covereth him with a coverlet.

2 Chronicles 15:5

5 and in those times there is no peace to him who is going out, and to him who is coming in, for many troubles are on all the inhabitants of the lands,

Psalms 125:5

5 As to those turning to their crooked ways, Jehovah causeth them to go with workers of iniquity. Peace on Israel!

Isaiah 33:8

8 Desolated have been highways, Ceased hath he who passeth along the path, He hath broken covenant, He hath despised enemies, He hath not esteemed a man.

Lamentations 1:4

4 The ways of Zion are mourning, Without any coming at the appointed time, All her gates are desolate, her priests sigh, Her virgins are afflicted—and she hath bitterness.

Lamentations 4:18

18 They have hunted our steps from going in our broad-places, Near hath been our end, fulfilled our days, For come hath our end.

Micah 3:12

12 Therefore, for your sake, Zion is ploughed a field, and Jerusalem is heaps, And the mount of the house is for high places of a forest!

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