Job 1:3 Cross References - YLT

3 and his substance is seven thousand sheep, and three thousand camels, and five hundred pairs of oxen, and five hundred she-asses, and a service very abundant; and that man is greater than any of the sons of the east.

Genesis 12:5

5 And Abram taketh Sarai his wife, and Lot his brother's son, and all their substance that they have gained, and the persons that they have obtained in Charan; and they go out to go towards the land of Canaan; and they come in to the land of Canaan.

Genesis 12:16

16 and to Abram he hath done good because of her, and he hath sheep and oxen, and he-asses, and men-servants, and handmaids, and she-asses, and camels.

Genesis 13:6

6 and the land hath not suffered them to dwell together, for their substance hath been much, and they have not been able to dwell together;

Genesis 25:6

6 and to the sons of the concubines whom Abraham hath, Abraham hath given gifts, and sendeth them away from Isaac his son (in his being yet alive) eastward, unto the east country.

Genesis 29:1

1 And Jacob lifteth up his feet, and goeth towards the land of the sons of the east;

Genesis 34:23

23 their cattle, and their substance, and all their beasts—are they not ours? only let us consent to them, and they dwell with us.'

Numbers 23:7

7 And he taketh up his simile, and saith: `From Aram he doth lead me—Balak king of Moab; From mountains of the east: Come—curse for me Jacob, And come—be indignant with Israel.

Numbers 31:32-34

32 And the prey, the residue of the spoil which the people of the host have spoiled, is of the flock six hundred thousand, and seventy thousand, and five thousand; 33 and of the herd two and seventy thousand; 34 and of asses one and sixty thousand;

Judges 6:3

3 And it hath been, if Israel hath sowed, that Midian hath come up, and Amalek, and the sons of the east, yea, they have come up against him,

Judges 6:5

5 for they and their cattle come up, with their tents; they come in as the fulness of the locust for multitude, and of them and of their cattle there is no number, and they come into the land to destroy it.

Judges 7:12

12 and Midian and Amalek, and all the sons of the east are lying in the valley, as the locust for multitude, and of their camels there is no number, as sand which is on the sea-shore for multitude.

Judges 8:10

10 And Zebah and Zalmunna are in Karkor, and their camps with them, about fifteen thousand, all who are left of all the camp of the sons of the east; and those falling are a hundred and twenty thousand men, drawing sword.

1 Samuel 25:2

2 And there is a man in Maon, and his work is in Carmel; and the man is very great, and he hath three thousand sheep, and a thousand goats; and he is shearing his flock in Carmel.

1 Kings 4:30

30 and the wisdom of Solomon is greater than the wisdom of any of the sons of the east, and than all the wisdom of Egypt;

2 Kings 3:4

4 And Mesha king of Moab was a sheep-master, and he rendered to the king of Israel a hundred thousand lambs, and a hundred thousand rams, with wool,

2 Chronicles 26:10

10 and he buildeth towers in the wilderness, and diggeth many wells, for he had much cattle, both in the low country and in the plain, husbandmen and vine-dressers in the mountains, and in Carmel; for he was a lover of the ground.

2 Chronicles 32:29

29 and cities he hath made for himself, and possessions of flocks and herds in abundance, for God hath given to him very much substance.

Job 29:9-10

9 Princes have kept in words, And a hand they place on their mouth. 10 The voice of leaders hath been hidden, And their tongue to the palate hath cleaved.

Job 29:25

25 I choose their way, and sit head, And I dwell as a king in a troop, When mourners he doth comfort.

Job 42:12

12 And Jehovah hath blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning, and he hath fourteen thousand of a flock, and six thousand camels, and a thousand pairs of oxen, and a thousand she-asses.

Proverbs 10:22

22 The blessing of Jehovah—it maketh rich, And He addeth no grief with it.

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