Genesis 14:22 Cross References - YLT

22 and Abram saith unto the king of Sodom, `I have lifted up my hand unto Jehovah, God Most High, possessing heaven and earth—

Genesis 14:19-20

19 and he blesseth him, and saith, `Blessed is Abram to God Most High, possessing heaven and earth; 20 and blessed is God Most High, who hath delivered thine adversaries into thy hand;' and he giveth to him a tenth of all.

Genesis 17:1

1 And Abram is a son of ninety and nine years, and Jehovah appeareth unto Abram, and saith unto him, `I am God Almighty, walk habitually before Me, and be thou perfect;

Genesis 21:23-31

23 and now, swear to me by God here: thou dost not lie to me, or to my continuator, or to my successor; according to the kindness which I have done with thee thou dost with me, and with the land in which thou hast sojourned.' 24 And Abraham saith, `I—I do swear.' 25 And Abraham reasoned with Abimelech concerning the matter of a well of water which Abimelech's servants have taken violently away, 26 and Abimelech saith, `I have not known who hath done this thing, and even thou didst not declare to me, and I also, I have not heard save to-day.' 27 And Abraham taketh sheep and oxen, and giveth to Abimelech, and they make, both of them, a covenant; 28 and Abraham setteth seven Lambs of the flock by themselves. 29 And Abimelech saith unto Abraham, `What are they—these seven lambs which thou hast set by themselves?' 30 And he saith, `For—the seven lambs thou dost accept from my hand, so that it becometh a witness for me that I have digged this well;' 31 therefore hath he called that place `Beer-Sheba,' for there have both of them sworn.

Genesis 21:33

33 and Abraham planteth a tamarisk in Beer-Sheba, and preacheth there in the name of Jehovah, God age-during;

Exodus 6:8

8 and I have brought you in unto the land which I have lifted up My hand to give it to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, and have given it to you—a possession; I am Jehovah.'

Deuteronomy 32:40

40 For I lift up unto the heavens My hand, And have said, I live—to the age!

Judges 11:35

35 And it cometh to pass, when he seeth her, that he rendeth his garments, and saith, `Alas, my daughter, thou hast caused me greatly to bend, and thou hast been among those troubling me; and I—I have opened my mouth unto Jehovah, and I am not able to turn back.'

Psalms 24:1

1 A Psalm of David. To Jehovah is the earth and its fulness, The world and the inhabitants in it.

Psalms 83:18

18 And they know that Thou—(Thy name is Jehovah—by Thyself,) Art the Most High over all the earth!

Isaiah 57:15

15 For thus said the high and exalted One, Inhabiting eternity, and holy is His name: `In the high and holy place I dwell, And with the bruised and humble of spirit, To revive the spirit of the humble, And to revive the heart of bruised ones,'

Daniel 4:34

34 `And at the end of the days I, Nebuchadnezzar, mine eyes to the heavens have lifted up, and mine understanding unto me returneth, and the Most High I have blessed, and the Age-during Living One I have praised and honoured, whose dominion is a dominion age-during, and His kingdom with generation and generation;

Daniel 12:7

7 And I hear the one clothed in linen, who is upon the waters of the flood, and he doth lift up his right hand and his left unto the heavens, and sweareth by Him who is living to the age, that, `After a time, times, and a half, and at the completion of the scattering of the power of the holy people, finished are all these.'

Haggai 2:8

8 Mine is the silver, and Mine the gold, An affirmation of Jehovah of Hosts.

Revelation 10:5-6

5 And the messenger whom I saw standing upon the sea, and upon the land, did lift up his hand to the heaven, 6 and did swear in Him who doth live to the ages of the ages, who did create the heaven and the things in it, and the land and the things in it, and the sea and the things in it—that time shall not be yet,

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