Daniel 5:20 Cross References - YLT

20 and when his heart was high, and his spirit was strong to act proudly, he hath been caused to come down from the throne of his kingdom, and his glory they have caused to pass away from him,

Exodus 9:17

17 still thou art exalting thyself against My people—so as not to send them away;

Exodus 18:11

11 now I have known that Jehovah is greater than all the gods, for in the thing they have acted proudly—He is above them!'

1 Samuel 6:6

6 and why do ye harden your heart as the Egyptians and Pharaoh hardened their heart? do they not—when He hath rolled Himself upon them—send them away, and they go?

2 Kings 17:14

14 and they have not hearkened, and harden their neck, like the neck of their fathers, who did not remain stedfast in Jehovah their God,

2 Chronicles 36:13

13 and also, against king Nebuchadnezzar he hath rebelled, who had caused him to swear by God, and he hardeneth his neck, and strengtheneth his heart, against turning back unto Jehovah, God of Israel.

Job 15:25-27

25 For he stretched out against God his hand, And against the Mighty he maketh himself mighty. 26 He runneth unto Him with a neck, With thick bosses of his shields. 27 For he hath covered his face with his fat, And maketh vigour over his confidence.

Job 40:11-12

11 Scatter abroad the wrath of thine anger, And see every proud one, and make him low. 12 See every proud one—humble him, And tread down the wicked in their place.

Proverbs 16:5

5 An abomination to Jehovah is every proud one of heart, Hand to hand he is not acquitted.

Proverbs 16:18

18 Before destruction is pride, And before stumbling—a haughty spirit.'

Isaiah 14:12-17

12 How hast thou fallen from the heavens, O shining one, son of the dawn! Thou hast been cut down to earth, O weakener of nations. 13 And thou saidst in thy heart: the heavens I go up, Above stars of God I raise my throne, And I sit in the mount of meeting in the sides of the north. 14 I go up above the heights of a thick cloud, I am like to the Most High. 15 Only—unto Sheol thou art brought down, Unto the sides of the pit. 16 Thy beholders look to thee, to thee they attend, Is this the man causing the earth to tremble, Shaking kingdoms? 17 He hath made the world as a wilderness, And his cities he hath broken down, Of his bound ones he opened not the house.

Isaiah 47:1

1 Come down, and sit on the dust, O virgin daughter of Babylon, Sit on the earth, there is no throne, O daughter of the Chaldeans, For no more do they cry to thee, `O tender and delicate one.'

Jeremiah 13:18

18 Say to the king and to the mistress: Make yourselves low—sit still, For come down have your principalities, The crown of your beauty.

Jeremiah 19:15

15 `Thus said Jehovah of Hosts, God of Israel: Lo, I am bringing in unto this city, and on all its cities, all the evil that I have spoken against it, for they have hardened their neck—not to hear My words!'

Jeremiah 48:18

18 Come down from honour, sit in thirst, O inhabitant, daughter of Dibon, For a spoiler of Moab hath come up to thee, He hath destroyed thy fenced places.

Ezekiel 30:6

6 Thus said Jehovah: And—fallen have supporters of Egypt, And come down hath the arrogance of her strength, From Migdol to Syene, by sword they fall in her, An affirmation of the Lord Jehovah.

Daniel 4:30-33

30 the king hath answered and said, Is not this that great Babylon that I have built, for the house of the kingdom, in the might of my strength, and for the glory of mine honour? 31 `While the word is in the king's mouth a voice from the heavens hath fallen: To thee they are saying: O Nebuchadnezzar the king, the kingdom hath passed from thee, 32 and from men they are driving thee away, and with the beast of the field is thy dwelling, the herb as oxen they do cause thee to eat, and seven times do pass over thee, till that thou knowest that the Most High is ruler in the kingdom of men, and to whom He willeth He giveth it. 33 `In that hour the thing hath been fulfilled on Nebuchadnezzar, and from men he is driven, and the herb as oxen he eateth, and by the dew of the heavens his body is wet, till that his hair as eagles' hath become great, and his nails as birds.'

Daniel 4:37

37 `Now, I, Nebuchadnezzar, am praising and exalting and honouring the King of the heavens, for all His works are truth, and His paths judgment, and those walking in pride He is able to humble.'

Luke 1:51-52

51 He did powerfully with His arm, He scattered abroad the proud in the thought of their heart, 52 He brought down the mighty from thrones, And He exalted the lowly,

Luke 18:14

14 I say to you, this one went down declared righteous, to his house, rather than that one: for every one who is exalting himself shall be humbled, and he who is humbling himself shall be exalted.'

Hebrews 3:13

13 but exhort ye one another every day, while the To-day is called, that none of you may be hardened by the deceitfulness of the sin,

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