1 Chronicles 14:1 Cross References - YLT

1 And Huram king of Tyre sendeth messengers unto David, and cedar-wood, and artificers of walls, and artificers of wood, to build to him a house.

2 Samuel 5:11-16

11 And Hiram king of Tyre sendeth messengers unto David, and cedar-trees, and artificers of wood, and artificers of stone, for walls, and they build a house for David, 12 and David knoweth that Jehovah hath established him for king over Israel, and that He hath lifted up his kingdom, because of His people Israel. 13 And David taketh again concubines and wives out of Jerusalem, after his coming from Hebron, and there are born again to David sons and daughters. 14 And these are the names of those born to him in Jerusalem: Shammuah, and Shobab, and Nathan, and Solomon, 15 and Ibhar, and Elishua, and Nepheg, and Japhia, 16 and Elishama, and Eliada, and Eliphalet.

2 Samuel 7:2

2 that the king saith unto Nathan the prophet, `See, I pray thee, I am dwelling in a house of cedars, and the ark of God is dwelling in the midst of the curtain.'

1 Kings 5:1

1 And Hiram king of Tyre sendeth his servants unto Solomon, for he heard that they had anointed him for king instead of his father, for Hiram was a lover of David all the days;

1 Kings 5:6

6 `And now, command, and they cut down for me cedars out of Lebanon, and my servants are with thy servants, and the hire of thy servants I give to thee according to all that thou sayest, for thou hast known that there is not among us a man acquainted with cutting wood, like the Sidonians.'

1 Kings 5:8-12

8 And Hiram sendeth unto Solomon, saying, I have heard that which thou hast sent unto me, I do all thy desire concerning cedar-wood, and fir-wood, 9 my servants bring down from Lebanon to the sea, and I make them floats in the sea unto the place that thou sendest unto me, and I have spread them out there; and thou dost take them up, and thou dost execute my desire, to give the food of my house.'
10 And Hiram is giving to Solomon cedar-trees, and fir-trees, all his desire, 11 and Solomon hath given to Hiram twenty thousand cors of wheat, food for his house, and twenty cors of beaten oil; thus doth Solomon give to Hiram year by year. 12 And Jehovah hath given wisdom to Solomon as He spake to him, and there is peace between Hiram and Solomon, and they make a covenant both of them.

1 Kings 5:18

18 and the builders of Solomon, and the builders of Hiram, and the Giblites hew, and prepare the wood and the stones to build the house.

1 Kings 7:1-12

1 And his own house hath Solomon built thirteen years, and he finisheth all his house. 2 And he buildeth the house of the forest of Lebanon; a hundred cubits is its length, and fifty cubits its breadth, and thirty cubits its height, on four rows of cedar pillars, and cedar-beams on the pillars; 3 and it is covered with cedar above, on the sides that are on the forty and five pillars, fifteen in the row. 4 And windows are in three rows, and sight is over-against sight three times. 5 And all the openings and the side-posts are square—windows; and sight is over-against sight three times. 6 And the porch of the pillars he hath made; fifty cubits its length, and thirty cubits its breadth, and the porch is before them, and pillars and a thick place are before them. 7 And the porch of the throne where he judgeth—the porch of judgment—he hath made, and it is covered with cedar from the floor unto the floor. 8 As to his house where he dwelleth, the other court is within the porch—as this work it hath been; and a house he maketh for the daughter of Pharaoh—whom Solomon hath taken—like this porch. 9 All these are of precious stone, according to the measures of hewn work, sawn with a saw, within and without, even from the foundation unto the coping, and at the outside, unto the great court. 10 And the foundation is of precious stone, great stones, stones of ten cubits, and stones of eight cubits; 11 and above are precious stone, according to the measures of hewn work, and cedar; 12 and the great court round about is three rows of hewn work, and a row of cedar-beams, even for the inner court of the house of Jehovah, and for the porch of the house.

1 Chronicles 17:1

1 And it cometh to pass as David sat in his house, that David saith unto Nathan the prophet, `Lo, I am dwelling in a house of cedars, and the ark of the covenant of Jehovah is under curtains;'

1 Chronicles 22:2

2 And David saith to gather the sojourners who are in the land of Israel, and appointeth hewers to hew hewn-stones to build a house of God.

2 Chronicles 2:3

3 And Solomon sendeth unto Huram king of Tyre, saying, `When thou hast dealt with David my father, then thou dost send to him cedars to build for him a house to dwell in;

2 Chronicles 2:8-12

8 and send to me cedar-trees, firs, and algums from Lebanon, for I have known that thy servants know to cut down trees of Lebanon, and lo, my servants are with thy servants, 9 even to prepare for me trees in abundance, for the house that I am building is great and wonderful. 10 `And lo, to hewers, to those cutting the trees, I have given beaten wheat to thy servants, cors twenty thousand, and barley, cors twenty thousand, and wine, baths twenty thousand, and oil, baths twenty thousand.'
11 And Huram king of Tyre saith in writing, and sendeth unto Solomon: `In the love of Jehovah to His people He hath given thee king over them.' 12 And Huram saith, `Blessed is Jehovah, God of Israel, who made the heavens and the earth, who hath given to David the king a wise son, knowing wisdom and understanding, who doth build a house for Jehovah, and a house for his kingdom.

Ezra 3:7

7 and they give money to hewers and to artificers, and food, and drink, and oil to Zidonians and to Tyrians, to bring in cedar-trees from Lebanon unto the sea of Joppa, according to the permission of Cyrus king of Persia concerning them.

Jeremiah 22:13-15

13 Woe to him who is building his house by unrighteousness, And his upper chambers by injustice, On his neighbour he layeth service for nought, And his wage he doth not give to him. 14 Who is saying, `I build for myself a large house, And airy upper chambers,' And he hath cut out for himself its windows, Ceiled with cedar, and painted with vermilion. 15 Dost thou reign, because thou art fretting thyself in cedar? Thy father—did he not eat and drink? Yea, he did judgment and righteousness, Then it is well with him.

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