Psalms 55:14 Cross References - Wycliffe

Psalms 42:4

4 And Y schal entre to the auter of God; to God, that gladith my yongthe. God, my God, Y schal knowleche to thee in an harpe; my soule,

Psalms 122:1

1 The `title of the hundrid and two and twentithe salm. `The song of grecis. To thee Y haue reisid myn iyen; that dwellist in heuenes.

Isaiah 2:3

3 and many puplis schulen go, and schulen seie, Come ye, stie we to the hil of the Lord, and to the hous of God of Jacob; and he schal teche vs hise weies, and we schulen go in the pathis of hym. For whi the lawe schal go out of Syon, and the word of the Lord fro Jerusalem.

Ezekiel 33:31

31 and thei comen to thee, as if my puple entrith, and my puple sitten bifore thee, and thei heren thi wordis, and doon not tho; for thei turnen tho in to the song of her mouth, and her herte sueth her auerice;

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