Nehemiah 8:16 Cross References - Wycliffe

16 And al the puple yede out, and thei brouyten, and maden to hem silf tabernaclis, `ech man in `his hows roof, and in her stretis, `ether foryerdis, and in the large placis of Goddis hows, and in the street of the yate of watris, and in the street of the yate of Effraym.

Deuteronomy 22:8

8 thou schalt make a wal of the roof bi cumpas, lest blood be sched out in thin hows, and thou be gilti, if another man slidith, and falle in to a dich.

2 Samuel 11:2

2 While these thingis weren doon, it befelde, that Dauid roos in a dai fro his bed after mydday, and walkide in the soler of the kyngis hows; and he siy a womman waischynge hir silf euen ayens on hir soler; sotheli the womman was ful fair.

2 Kings 14:13

13 Sotheli Joas, kyng of Israel, took in Bethsames Amasie, kyng of Juda, the sone of Joas, sone of Ocozie, and brouyte hym in to Jerusalem; and he brak the wal of Jerusalem, fro the yate of Effraym `til to the yate of the corner, bi foure hundrid cubitis.

2 Chronicles 20:5

5 And whanne Josaphat hadde stonde in the myddis of the cumpeny of Juda and of Jerusalem, in the hows of the Lord, bifor the newe large place,

2 Chronicles 33:5

5 Sotheli he bildide tho auteris to al the knyythod of heuene in the twei large places of the hows of the Lord.

Nehemiah 3:26

26 Forsothe Nathynneis dwelliden in Ophel til ayens the yate of watris at the eest, and the tour that apperide.

Nehemiah 8:1

1 And the seuenthe monethe `was comun vndur Esdras and Neemye; sotheli the sones of Israel weren in her cytees. And al the puple was gaderid togydere as o man, to the street which is bifor the yate of watris. And thei seiden to Esdras, the scribe, that he schulde brynge the book of the lawe of Moises, which the Lord hadde comaundid to Israel.

Nehemiah 8:3

3 And he redde in it opynli in the street that was bifor the yate of watris, fro the morewtid `til to myddai, in the siyt of men and of wymmen and of wise men; and the eeris of al the puple weren reisid to the book.

Nehemiah 12:37

37 And the secounde queer of men tellynge thankyngis yede euene ayens, and Y aftir hym; and the half part of the puple was on the wal, and on the tour of ouenys, and `til to the broddeste wal;

Nehemiah 12:39

39 and thei stoden in the yate of kepyng. And twei queeris of men heriynge stoden in the hows of God, and Y and the half part of magistratis with me.

Jeremiah 19:13

13 And the housis of Jerusalem, and the housis of the kingis of Juda, schulen be as the place of Tophet; alle the vncleene housis, in whose roouys thei sacrifieden to al the chyualrie of heuene, and offriden moist sacrifices to alien goddis.

Jeremiah 32:29

29 And Caldeis schulen come, and fiyte ayens this citee, and thei schulen brenne it with fier, and thei schulen brenne it, and housis, in whose rooues thei sacrifieden to Baal, and offriden moist sacrifices to alien goddis, to terre me to wraththe.

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