Judges 1:1 Cross References - Wycliffe

1 Aftir the deeth of Josue the sones of Israel counseliden the Lord, and seiden, Who schal stie bifor vs ayens Cananei, and schal be duik of the batel?

Exodus 28:30

30 Forsothe thou schalt sette in the racional of doom, techyng, and treuthe, whiche schulen be in the brest of Aaron, whanne he entrith bifor the Lord, and he schal bere the doom of the sones of Israel in his brest in the siyt of the Lord euere.

Numbers 27:21

21 If ony thing schal be worthi to be do for this man, Eleasar, preest, schal counseil the Lord; he schal go out, and schal go yn, at the word of Eleazar; he, and alle the sones of Israel with him, and the tother multitude.

Joshua 24:29-30

29 And after these thingis Josue, the sone of Nun, the `seruaunt of the Lord, diede, an hundride yeer eld and ten. 30 And thei birieden hym in the costis of his possessioun, in Thannath of Sare, which is set in the hil of Effraym, fro the north part of the hil Gaas.

Judges 1:27

27 Also Manasses dide not awei Bethsan and Thanael with her townes, and the dwelleris of Endor, and Geblaam and Magedo with her townes; and Cananei bigan to dwelle with hem.

Judges 3:1-6

1 These ben the folkis whiche the Lord lefte, that in hem he schulde teche Israel, and alle men that knewen not the batels of Cananeis; 2 and that aftirward `the sones of hem schulden lerne to fiyte with enemyes, 3 and to haue custom of batel He lefte fyue princes of Filistees, and al Cananei, and the puple of Sidon, and Euey that dwelliden in the hil Liban, fro the hil Baal Hermon `til to the entryng of Emath. 4 And he lefte hem, that in hem he schulde asaie Israel, whethir thei wolden here the `heestis of the Lord, whiche he comaundide to her fadris bi the hond of Moises, ethir nai. 5 And so the sones of Israel dwelliden in the myddis of Cananei, of Ethei, and of Ammorrei, and of Feresei, and of Euey, 6 and of Jebusey, and weddiden wyues, the douytris of hem; and the sones of Israel yauen her douytris to `the sones of hem, and serueden `the goddis of hem.

Judges 20:18

18 Whiche riseden and camen in to the hows of God, that is in Silo; and thei counceliden God, and seiden, Who schal be prince in oure oost of the batel ayens the sones of Beniamyn? To whiche the Lord answeride, Judas be youre duyk.

Judges 20:28

28 and Fynees, the sone of Eleazar, sone of Aaron, was souereyn of the hows. Therfor thei counseliden the Lord, and seiden, Owen we go out more to batel ayens the sones of Beniamyn, oure britheren, ethir reste? To whiche the Lord seide, Stie ye, for to morewe Y schal bytake hem in to youre hondis.

1 Samuel 22:9-10

9 Sotheli Doech of Ydumye answeride, that stood nyy, and was the firste among `the seruauntis of Saul, and seide, Y siy `the sone of Ysai in Nobe, at Achymelech, preest, the sone of Achitob; 10 which counseilide the Lord for Dauid, and yaf meetis `to hym, but also he yaf to Dauid the swerd of Goliath Filistei.

1 Samuel 23:9-10

9 And whanne Dauid perceyuede, that Saul made redi yuel priueli to hym, he seide to Abiathar, preest, Brynge hidur ephoth. 10 And Dauid seide, Lord God of Israel, thi seruaunt `herde fame, that Saul disposith to come to Seila, that he distrie the citee for me;

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