Joshua 23:14 Cross References - Wycliffe

14 Lo! Y entre to dai in to the weye of al erthe; and ye schulen knowe `with al soule, that of al wordis whiche the Lord bihiyte hym silf to yyue to you, not oon passide in veyn.

Exodus 3:8

8 And Y knew the sorewe of the puple, and Y cam down to delyuere it fro the hondis of Egipcians, and lede out of that lond in to a good lond and brood, into a lond that flowith with milk and hony, to the places of Cananey, and of Ethei, of Amorrey, and of Feresei, of Euey, and of Jebusei.

Exodus 23:27-30

27 Y schal sende my drede in to thi biforgoyng, and Y schal sle al the puple, to which thou schalt entre, and Y schal turne the backis of alle thin enemyes bifore thee; 28 and Y schal sende out bifore scrabrouns, that schulen dryue awei Euey, and Cananey, and Ethei, bifore that thou entre. 29 Y schal not caste hem out fro thi face in o yeer, lest the lond be turned in to wildirnesse, and beestis encreesse ayens thee; 30 litil and litil I schal caste hem out fro thi siyt, til thou be encreessid, and welde the loond.

Leviticus 26:3-13

3 If ye gon in myn heestis, and kepen my comaundementis, and doon tho, Y schal yyue to you reynes in her tymes, 4 and the erthe schal brynge forth his fruyt, and trees schulen be fillid with applis; 5 the threschyng of ripe cornes schal take vyndage, and vyndage schal occupie seed, and ye schulen ete youre breed in fulnesse, and ye schulen dwelle in youre lond without drede. 6 Y schal yyue pees in youre coostis; ye schulen slepe, and noon schal be that schal make you aferd; Y schal do awei yuel beestis fro you, and a swerd schal not passe bi youre termes. 7 Ye schulen pursue youre enemyes, and thei schulen falle bifor you; 8 fyue of youre men schulen pursue an hundrid aliens, and an hundrid of you schulen pursue ten thousande; youre enemyes schulen falle bi swerd in youre siyt. 9 Y schal biholde you, and Y schal make you to encreesse; ye schulen be multiplied; and Y schal make stedfast my couenaunt with you; 10 ye schulen ete the eldest of elde thingis, and ye schulen caste forth elde thingis, whanne newe thingis schulen come aboue; 11 Y schal sette my tabernacle in the myddis of you, and my soule schal not caste you awey; 12 Y schal go among you, and Y schal be youre God, and ye schulen be a puple to me. 13 Y am youre Lord God, that ledde you out of the lond of Egipcians, that ye schulden not serue hem, and which haue broke the chaynes of youre nollis, that ye schulde go vpriyt.

Numbers 23:19

19 that he lye, nethir he is as the sone of a man, that he be chaungid; therfor he seide, and schal he not do? he spak, and schal he not fulfille?

Deuteronomy 28:1-14

1 Forsothe if thou herist the vois of thi Lord God, that thou do and kepe alle hise comaundementis, whiche Y comaunde to thee to dai, thi Lord God schal make the hiyere than alle folkis that lyuen in erthe. 2 And alle these blessyngis schulen come on thee, and schulen take thee; if netheles thou herist hise comaundementis. 3 Thou schalt be blessid in citee, and blessid in feeld; 4 blessid schal be the fruyt of thi wombe, and the fruyt of thi lond, and the fruit of thi beestis; `blessid schulen be the flockis of thi grete beestis, and the fooldis of thi scheep; 5 blessid schulen be thi bernes, and `blessid schulen be `thi relifs; 6 thou schalt be blessid entrynge, and goynge out. 7 The Lord schal yyue thin enemyes fallynge in thi siyt, that schulen rise ayens thee; bi o weie thei schulen come ayens thee, and by seuene weies thei schulen fle fro thi face. 8 The Lord schal sende out blessyng on thi celeris, and on alle the werkis of thin hondis; and he schal blesse thee in the lond which thou hast take. 9 The Lord schal reise thee to hym silf in to an hooli puple, as he swoor to thee, if thou kepist the heestis of thi Lord God, and goist in his weies. 10 And alle the puples of londis schulen se, that the name of the Lord is inwardli clepid on thee, and thei schulen drede thee. 11 The Lord schal make thee to be plenteuouse in alle goodis, in fruyt of thi wombe, and in fruyt of thi beestis, in the fruyt of thi lond, which the Lord swoor to thi fadris, that he schulde yyue to thee. 12 The Lord schal opene his beste tresour, heuene, that he yyue reyn to thi lond in his tyme; and he schal blesse alle the werkis of thin hondis; and thou schalt leene to many folkis, and of no man thou schalt take borewyng. 13 The Lord God schal sette thee in to the heed, and not in to the tail, and euere thou schalt be aboue, and not bynethe; if netheles thou herist the comaundementis of thi Lord God, whiche Y comaunde to thee to day, and kepist, 14 and doist, and bowist not awey fro tho, nether to the riyt side nether to the lefte side, nether suest alien goddis, nethir worschipist hem.

Joshua 21:43-45

43 Forsothe nether o word, which he bihiyte him silf to yyue to hem, was voide, but alle wordis weren fillid in werkis.

1 Samuel 3:19

19 Forsothe Samuel encreeside, and the Lord was with hym, and noon of alle hise wordis felde in to erthe.

1 Kings 2:2

2 Y entre in to the weie of al erthe; be thou coumfortid, and be thou a strong man.

1 Kings 8:56

56 Blessid be the Lord God of Israel, that yaf reste to his puple Israel, bi alle thingis whiche he spak; a word felde not doun, sotheli nether oon, of alle goodis whiche he spak bi Moises, his seruaunt.

Job 30:23

23 Y woot, that thow schalt bitake me to deeth, where an hows is ordeyned to ech lyuynge man.

Ecclesiastes 9:10

10 Worche thou bisili, what euer thing thin hond mai do; for nether werk, nether resoun, nethir kunnyng, nether wisdom schulen be at hellis, whidir thou haastist.

Ecclesiastes 12:5

5 And hiy thingis schulen drede, and schulen be aferd in the weie; an alemaunde tre schal floure, a locuste schal be maad fat, and capparis schal be distried; for a man schal go in to the hous of his euerlastyngnesse, and weileris schulen go aboute in the street.

Luke 21:33

33 Heuene and erthe schulen passe, but my wordis schulen not passe.

Hebrews 9:27

27 And as it is ordeynede to men,

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