Jeremiah 40:4 Cross References - Wycliffe

4 Now therfor lo! Y haue releessid thee to dai fro the chaynes that ben in thin hondis; if it plesith thee to come with me in to Babiloyne, come thou, and Y schal sette myn iyen on thee; sotheli if it displesith thee to come with me in to Babiloyne, sitte thou here; lo! al the lond is in thi siyt, that that thou chesist, and whidur it plesith thee to go, thidur go thou,

Genesis 13:9

9 Lo! al the lond is bifore thee, Y biseche, departe thou fro me; if thou go to the left side, Y schal holde the riyt side; if thou chese the riyt side, Y schal go to the left side.

Genesis 20:15

15 dwelle thou, where euere it plesith thee. Forsothe Abymelech seide to Sare, Lo!

Jeremiah 39:11-12

11 Forsothe Nabugodonosor, kyng of Babiloyne, hadde comaundid of Jeremye to Nabusardan, maister of chyualrie, and seide, 12 Take thou him, and sette thin iyen on hym, and do thou no thing of yuel to him; but as he wole, so do thou to hym.

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