Jeremiah 20:17 Cross References - Wycliffe

17 he that killide not me fro the wombe, here cry eerli, and yellynge in the tyme of myddai; that my modir were a sepulcre to me, and hir wombe were euerlastinge conseyuyng.

Job 3:10-11

10 For it closide not the doris of the wombe, that bar me, nethir took awei yuels fro min iyen. 11 Whi was not Y deed in the wombe? whi yede Y out of the wombe, and perischide not anoon?

Job 3:16

16 ethir as a `thing hid not borun Y schulde not stonde, ethir whiche conseyued sien not liyt.

Job 10:18-19

18 Whi hast thou led me out of the wombe? `And Y wolde, that Y were wastid, lest an iye `schulde se me. 19 That Y hadde be, as if Y were not, and `were translatid, ethir borun ouer, fro the wombe to the sepulcre.

Ecclesiastes 6:3

3 If a man gendrith an hundrid fre sones, and lyueth many yeris, and hath many daies of age, and his soule vsith not the goodis of his catel, and wantith biriyng; Y pronounce of this man, that a deed borun child is betere than he.

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