Genesis 6:4 Cross References - Wycliffe

4 Sotheli giauntis weren on erthe in tho daies, forsothe aftir that the sones of God entriden to the douytris of men, and tho douytris gendriden; these weren myyti of the world and famouse men.

Genesis 11:4

4 and seiden, Come ye, and make we to vs a citee and tour, whos hiynesse stretche `til to heuene; and make we solempne oure name bifor that we be departid in to alle londis.

Numbers 13:33

33 And thei deprauyden the lond which thei hadden biholde, anentis the sones of Israel, and seiden, The lond which we cumpassiden deuourith hise dwelleris; the puple which we bihelden is of large stature; there we syen summe wondris ayens kynde,

Numbers 16:2

2 and othere of the sones of Israel, two hundryd men and fifti, prynces of the synagoge, and whiche weren clepid bi names in the tyme of counsel.

Deuteronomy 2:20-21

20 It is arettid the lond of giauntis, and giauntis enhabitiden therynne sumtyme, whiche giauntis Amonytis clepen Zonym; 21 a myche puple and greet, and of noble lengthe, as Enachym, whiche the Lord dide awey fro the face of hem,

Deuteronomy 3:11

11 For Og aloone, kyng of Basan, was left of the generacioun of giauntis; and his yrun bed is schewid, which is in Rabath, of the sones of Amon, and hath nyne cubitis of lengthe, and foure cubitis of breede, at the mesure of a cubit of mannus hond.

2 Samuel 21:15-22

15 Forsothe batel of Filisteis was maad eft ayens Israel; and Dauid yede doun, and hise seruauntis with hym, and fouyten ayen Filisteis. 16 Sotheli whanne Dauid failide, Jesbydenob, that was of the kyn of Arapha, that is, of giauntis, and the yrun of his spere peiside thre hundrid ouncis, and he was gird with a newe swerd, enforside to smyte Dauid. 17 And Abisai, sone of Saruye, was in help to Dauid; and he smoot and killide the Filistei. Than the men of Dauid sworen, and seiden, Now thou schalt not go out with vs in to batel, lest thou quenche the lanterne of Israel. 18 Also the secounde batel was in Gob ayens Filisteis; thanne Sobothai of Osothai smoot Zephi, of the generacioun of Arapha, of the kyn of giauntis. 19 Also the thridde batel was in Gob ayens Filisteis; in which batel a man youun of God, the sone of forest, a broiderer, a man of Bethleem, smoot Golyath of Geth, whos `schaft of spere was as a beem of webbis. 20 The fourthe batel was in Geth; where ynne was an hiy man, that hadde sixe fyngris in the hondis and feet, that is, foure and twenti; and he was of the kyn of Arapha; 21 and he blasfemyde Israel; sotheli Jonathan, sone of Samaa, brother of Dauid, killide hym. 22 These foure weren borun of Arapha in Geth, and thei felden doun in the hond of Dauid, and of hise seruauntis.

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