Genesis 20:17 Cross References - Wycliffe

17 Sotheli for Abraham preiede, God curide Abymelech, and his wijf, and handmaydens, and thei childiden;

Genesis 20:7

7 now therfor yelde thou the wijf to hir hosebonde, for he is a profete; and he schal preye for thee, and thou schalt lyue; sotheli if thou nylte yelde, wite thou that thou schalt die bi deeth, thou and alle thingis that ben thine.

Genesis 29:31

31 Forsothe the Lord seiy that he dispiside Lya, and openyde hir wombe while the sistir dwellide bareyn.

1 Samuel 5:11-12

11 Therfor thei senten, and gaderiden alle the wise men, `ethir princes, of Filisteis; whiche seiden, Delyuere ye the arke of God of Israel, and turne it ayen in to his place, and sle not vs with oure puple. 12 For dreed of deeth was maad in alle citees, and the hond of the Lord was `greuouse greetli. Also the men, that weren not deed, weren smytun in the priuy part of buttokis, and the yelling of ech citee stiede in to heuene.

Ezra 6:10

10 And offre thei offryngis to God of heuene; and preye thei for the lijf of the kyng and of hise sones.

Job 42:9-10

9 Therfor Eliphat Themanytes, and Baldach Suythes, and Sophar Naamathites, yeden, and diden, as the Lord hedde spoke to hem; and the Lord resseyuede the face of Joob. 10 Also the Lord was conuertid to the penaunce of Joob, whanne he preiede for hise frendis. And the Lord addide alle thingis double, whiche euere weren of Joob.

Proverbs 15:8

8 The sacrifices of wickyd men ben abhomynable to the Lord; avowis of iust men ben plesaunt.

Proverbs 15:29

29 The Lord is fer fro wickid men; and he schal here the preyers of iust men.

Isaiah 45:11

11 The Lord, the hooli of Israel, the fourmere therof, seith these thingis, Axe ye me thingis to comynge on my sones, and sende ye to me on the werkis of myn hondis.

Matthew 7:7

7 Axe ye, and it schal be youun to you; seke ye, and ye schulen fynde; knocke ye, and it schal be openyd to you.

Matthew 21:22

22 And alle thingis what euere ye bileuynge schulen axe in preyer, ye schulen take.

Acts 3:24

24 And alle prophetis fro Samuel and aftirward, that spaken, telden these daies.

Philippians 4:6

6 Be ye nothing bisi, but in al preyer and biseching, with doyng of thankyngis, be youre axyngis knowun at God.

1 Thessalonians 5:25

25 Britheren, preye ye for vs.

James 5:16

16 Therfor knouleche ye ech to othere youre synnes, and preye ye ech for othere, that ye be sauyd. For the contynuel preyer of a iust man is myche worth.

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