Genesis 1:6 Cross References - Wycliffe

6 And God seide, The firmament be maad in the myddis of watris, and departe watris fro watris.

Genesis 1:14

14 Forsothe God seide, Liytis be maad in the firmament of heuene, and departe tho the dai and niyt; and be tho in to signes, and tymes, and daies, and yeeris;

Genesis 1:20

20 Also God seide, The watris brynge forth a `crepynge beeste of lyuynge soule, and a brid fleynge aboue erthe vndur the firmament of heuene.

Genesis 7:11-12

11 In the sixe hundrid yeer of the lijf of Noe, in the secunde moneth, in the seuententhe dai of the moneth, alle the wellis of the greet see weren brokun, and the wyndowis of heuene weren opened, 12 and reyn was maad on erthe fourti daies and fourti nyytis.

Job 26:7-8

7 Which God stretchith forth the north on voide thing, and hangith the erthe on nouyt. 8 `Which God byndith watris in her cloudis, that tho breke not out togidere dounward.

Job 26:13

13 His spiryt ournede heuenes, and the crokid serpent was led out bi his hond, ledynge out as a mydwijf ledith out a child.

Job 37:11

11 Whete desirith cloudis, and cloudis spreeden abrood her liyt.

Job 37:18

18 In hap thou madist with hym heuenes, which moost sad ben foundid, as of bras.

Job 38:22-26

22 Whethir thou entridist in to the tresours of snow, ether biheldist thou the tresours of hail? 23 whiche thingis Y made redy in to the tyme of an enemy, in to the dai of fiytyng and of batel. 24 Bi what weie is the liyt spred abrood, heete is departid on erthe? 25 Who yaf cours to the strongeste reyn, 26 and weie of the thundur sownynge? That it schulde reyne on the erthe with out man in desert, where noon of deedli men dwellith?

Psalms 19:1

1 The title of the nyntenthe salm. To victorie, the salm of Dauid.

Psalms 33:6

6 Neiye ye to him, and be ye liytned; and youre faces schulen not be schent.

Psalms 33:9

9 Taaste ye, and se, for the Lord is swete; blessid is the man, that hopith in hym.

Psalms 104:2

2 Synge ye to hym, and seie ye salm to him, and telle ye alle hise merueylis;

Psalms 136:5-6

5 If Y foryete thee, Jerusalem; my riyt hond be youun to foryeting. 6 Mi tunge cleue to my chekis; if Y bithenke not on thee. If Y purposide not of thee, Jerusalem; in the bigynnyng of my gladnesse.

Psalms 148:4

4 Heuenes of heuenes, herie ye hym; and the watris that ben aboue heuenes,

Psalms 150:1

1 The title of the hundrid and fiftithe salm. Alleluya. Herie ye the Lord in hise seyntis; herie ye hym in the firmament of his vertu.

Ecclesiastes 11:3

3 If cloudis ben filled, tho schulen schede out reyn on the erthe; if a tre fallith doun to the south, ether to the north, in what euer place it fallith doun, there it schal be.

Jeremiah 10:10

10 Forsothe the Lord is veri God; he is God lyuynge, and a kyng euerlastynge; the erthe schal be mouyd togidere of his indignacioun, and hethene men schulen not suffre the manaassing of hym.

Jeremiah 10:12-13

12 He is God, that makith the erthe in his strengthe, makith redi the world in his wisdom, and stretchith forth heuenes bi his prudence. 13 At his vois he yyueth the multitude of watris in heuene, and he reisith mystis fro the endis of erthe; he makith leitis into reyn, and ledith out wynd of his tresouris.

Jeremiah 51:15

15 The Lord swoor, which made erthe bi his strengthe, made redy the world bi his wisdom, and stretchide forth heuenes bi his prudence.

Zechariah 12:1

1 The birthun of the word of the Lord on Israel. And the Lord seide, stretchynge forth heuene, and founding erthe, and makynge the spirit of a man in hym, Lo!

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