Ezekiel 43:12 Cross References - Wycliffe

12 This is the lawe of the hous, in the hiynesse of the hil; alle the coostis therof in cumpas is the hooli of hooli thingis; therfor this is the lawe of the hous.

Psalms 93:5

5 Lord, thei han maad lowe thi puple; and thei han disesid thin eritage.

Ezekiel 40:2

2 And he brouyte me in to the lond of Israel, and he leet me doun on a ful hiy hil, on which was as the bildyng of a citee goynge to the south;

Ezekiel 42:20

20 Bi foure wyndis he mat the wal therof on ech side bi cumpas, the lengthe of fyue hundrid, and the breede of fyue hundrid, departynge bitwixe the seyntuarie and the place of the comyn puple.

Joel 3:17

17 And ye schulen wite, that Y am youre Lord God, dwellynge in Sion, in myn hooli hil; and Jerusalem schal be hooli, and aliens schulen no more passe bi it.

Zechariah 14:20-21

20 In that dai, that that is on the bridil of hors schal be hooli to the Lord; and caudruns schulen be in the hous of the Lord, as cruetis bifor the auter. 21 And euery caudrun in Jerusalem and Juda schal be halewid to the Lord of oostis. And alle men schulen come offrynge, and schulen take of tho, and schulen sethe in tho; and a marchaunt schal no more be in the hous of the Lord of oostis in that day.

Revelation 21:27

27 Nether ony man defoulid, and doynge abhominacioun and leesyng, schal entre in to it; but thei that ben writun in the book of lijf and of the lomb.

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