Exodus 16:13 Cross References - Wycliffe

13 Therfor euentid was maad, and `curlewes stieden and hiliden the castels; and in the morewtid deew cam bi the face of the castels.

Numbers 11:9

9 And whanne dew cam doun in the niyt on the tentis, also manna cam doun togidere.

Numbers 11:31-33

31 Forsothe a wynde yede forth fro the Lord, and took curlewis, and bar ouer the see, and lefte in to the tentis, in the iurney, as myche as mai be parformed in o day, bi ech part of the tentis bi cumpas; and tho flowen in the eir bi twei cubitis in `hiynesse ouer the erthe. 32 Therfor the puple roos in al that dai and nyyt and in to the tothir dai, and gaderide the multitude of curlewis; he that gaderide litil, gaderide ten `mesuris clepid chorus; `and o chorus conteyneth ten buschels; and thei drieden tho curlewis bi the cumpas of the tentis. 33 Yit `fleischis weren in the teeth `of hem, and siche mete failide not; and lo! the woodnesse of the Lord was reisid ayens the puple, and smoot it with a ful greet veniaunce.

Psalms 105:40

40 And the Lord was wrooth bi strong veniaunce ayens his puple; and hadde abhominacioun of his eritage.

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