Acts 8:1 Cross References - Wycliffe

1 But Saul was consentynge to his deth. And greet persecucioun was maad that dai in the chirche, that was in Jerusalem. And alle men weren scatered bi the cuntrees of Judee and Samarie, outakun the apostlis.

Exodus 10:28-29

28 And Farao seide to Moises, Go awei fro me, and be war that thou se no more my face; in whateuer dai thou schalt appere to me, thou schalt die. 29 Moyses answeride, Be it doon so, as thou hast spokun; I schal no more se thi face.

Nehemiah 6:3

3 Therfor Y sente messangeris to hem, and Y seide, Y make a greet werk, and Y mai not go doun, lest perauenture it be doon retchelesli, whanne Y come, and go doun to you.

Daniel 3:16-18

16 Sidrac, Misaac, and Abdenago answeriden, and seiden to the king Nabugodonosor, It nedith not, that we answere of this thing to thee. 17 For whi oure God, whom we worschipen, mai rauysche vs fro the chymenei of fier brennynge, and mai delyuere fro thin hondis, thou kyng. 18 That if he nyle, be it knowun to thee, thou kyng, that we onouren not thi goddis, and we worschipen not the goldun ymage, which thou hast reisid.

Daniel 6:10

10 And whanne Danyel hadde founde this thing, that is, the lawe ordeyned, he entride in to his hous; and the while the wyndows weren open in his soler ayens Jerusalem, in thre tymes in the dai he bowide hise knees, and worschipide, and knoulechide bifore his God, as he was wont to do bifore.

Daniel 6:23

23 Thanne the kyng made ioie greetli on hym, and comaundide Danyel to be led out of the lake. And Danyel was led out of the lake, and noon hirtyng was foundun in hym, for he bileuede to his God.

Matthew 5:13

13 Ye ben salt of the erthe; that if the salt vanysche awey, whereynne schal it be saltid? To no thing it is worth ouere, no but that it be cast out, and be defoulid of men.

Matthew 10:25-28

25 it is ynowy to the disciple, that he be as his maistir, and to the seruaunt as his lord. If thei han clepid the hosebonde man Belsabub, hou myche more his houshold meyne? 26 Therfor drede ye not hem; for no thing is hid, that schal not be shewid; and no thing is priuey, that schal not be wist. 27 That thing that Y seie to you in derknessis, seie ye in the liyt; and preche ye on housis, that thing that ye heeren in the ere. 28 And nyle ye drede hem that sleen the bodi; for thei moun not sle the soule; but rather drede ye hym, that mai lese bothe soule and bodi in to helle.

Matthew 23:34

34 Therfor lo! Y sende to you profetis, and wise men, and scribis; and of hem ye schulen sle and crucifie, and of hem ye schulen scourge in youre sinagogis, and schulen pursue fro cite in to citee;

Luke 11:49-50

49 Therfor the wisdom of God seide, Y schal sende to hem profetis and apostlis, and of hem thei schulen sle and pursue, 50 that the blood of alle prophetis, that was sched fro the making of the world, be souyt of this generacioun;

John 4:39-42

39 And of that citee many Samaritans bileueden in hym, for the word of the womman, that bare witnessyng, That he seide to me alle thingis that Y haue don. 40 Therfor whanne Samaritans camen to hym, thei preieden hym to dwelle there; and he dwelte there twey daies. 41 And many mo bileueden for his word, 42 and seiden to the womman, That now not for thi speche we bileuen; for we han herd, and we witen, that this is verili the sauyour of the world.

John 15:20

20 Haue ye mynde of my word, which Y seide to you, The seruaunt is not grettere than his lord. If thei han pursued me, thei schulen pursue you also; if thei han kept my word, thei schulen kepe youre also.

John 16:2

2 Thei schulen make you with outen the synagogis, but the our cometh, that ech man that sleeth you, deme that he doith seruyce to God.

Acts 1:8

8 but ye schulen take the vertu of the Hooli Goost comynge fro aboue in to you, and ye schulen be my witnessis in Jerusalem, and in al Judee, and Samarie, and to the vtmeste of the erthe.

Acts 2:47

47 and herieden togidere God, and hadden grace to al the folk. And the Lord encreside hem that weren maad saaf, ech dai in to the same thing.

Acts 5:18

18 and leiden hondis on the apostlis, and puttiden hem in the comyn warde.

Acts 5:20

20 and stonde ye, and speke in the temple to the puple alle the wordis of this lijf.

Acts 5:33

33 Whanne thei herden these thingis, thei weren turmentid, and thouyten to sle hem.

Acts 5:40

40 And thei consentiden to him; and thei clepiden togidere the apostlis, and denounsiden to hem, that weren betun, that thei schulden no more speke in the name of Jhesu, and thei leten hem go.

Acts 7:38

38 This it is, that was in the chirche in wildirnesse, with the aungel that spak to hym in the mount of Syna, and with oure fadris; which took words of lijf to yyue to vs.

Acts 7:54

54 And thei herden these thingis, and weren dyuersli turmentid in her hertis, and grenneden with teeth on hym.

Acts 7:58

58 And thei stonyden Steuene, that clepide God to help, seiynge, Lord Jhesu, resseyue my spirit.

Acts 8:4

4 And thei that weren scaterid, passiden forth, prechynge the word of God.

Acts 8:14

14 But whanne the apostlis that weren at Jerusalem, hadden herd that Samarie hadde resseyued the word of God, thei senten to hem Petre and Joon.

Acts 9:31

31 And the chirche bi al Judee, and Galilee, and Samarie, hadde pees, and was edefied, and walkide in the drede of the Lord, and was fillid with coumfort of the Hooli Goost.

Acts 11:19-22

19 And thei that weren scaterid of the tribulacioun that was maad vndir Steuene, walkiden forth to Fenyce, and to Cipre, and to Antioche, and spaken the word to no man, but to Jewis aloone. 20 But sum of hem weren men of Cipre, and of Cirenen; whiche whanne thei hadden entride in to Antioche, thei spaken to the Grekis, and prechiden the Lord Jhesu. 21 And the hond of the Lord was with hem, and myche noumbre of men bileuynge was conuertid to the Lord. 22 And the word cam to the eris of the chirche, that was at Jerusalem, on these thingis; and thei senten Barnabas to Antioche.

Acts 13:1

1 And profetis and doctouris weren in the chirche that was at Antioche, in which Barnabas, and Symount, that was clepid Blac, and Lucius Cironense, and Manaen, that was the soukynge fere of Eroude tetrarke, and Saul weren.

Acts 22:20

20 And whanne the blood of Steuene, thi witnesse, was sched out, Y stood niy, and consentide, and kept the clothis of men that slowen hym.

Philippians 1:12

12 For, britheren, Y wole that ye wite, that the thingis that ben aboute me han comun more to the profit of the gospel,

Hebrews 11:27

27 Bi feith he forsook Egipt, and dredde not the hardynesse of the king; for he abood, as seinge hym that was vnuysible.

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