2 Chronicles 19:7 Cross References - Wycliffe

7 the drede of the Lord be with you, and do ye alle thingis with diligence; for anentis `youre Lord God is no wickidnesse, nether takynge of persoones, nether coueitise of yiftis.

Genesis 18:25

25 Fer be it fro thee that thou do this thing, and sle a iust man with a wickid man, and that a iust man be maad as a wickid man; this is not thin that demest al erthe; thou schalt not make this doom.

Genesis 42:18

18 whanne thei weren led out of prisoun, he seide, Do ye that that Y seide, and ye schulen lyue, for Y drede God;

Exodus 18:21-22

21 Forsothe puruey thou of al the puple myyti men, and dredynge God, in whiche is treuthe, and whiche haten auarice; and ordeyne thou of hem tribunes, and centuriouns, and quinquagenaries, and deenys, 22 whiche schulen deme the puple in al tyme; sotheli what ever thing is grettere, telle thei to thee, and deme thei ooneli lesse thingis, and be it esiere to thee, whanne the burthun is departid in to othere men.

Exodus 18:25-26

25 And whanne noble men of al Israel weren chosun Moises ordeynede hem princis of the puple, tribunes, and centuriouns, and quinquagenaries, and denes, 26 whiche demeden the puple in al tyme; forsothe, whateuer thing was hardere, thei telden to Moises, and thei demeden esiere thingis oneli.

Exodus 23:8

8 Take thou not yiftis, that blynden also prudent men, and destryen the wordys of iust men.

Deuteronomy 10:17-18

17 For youre Lord God hym silf is God of goddis, and Lord of lordis, `God greet, and miyti, and feerdful, which takith not persoone, nether yiftis. 18 He makith doom to the fadirles, and modirles, and to the widewe; he loueth a pilgrym, and yyueth to hym lyiflode and clothing.

Deuteronomy 16:18-19

18 Thou schalt ordeyne `iugis, and maystris, in alle thi yatis whiche thi Lord God schal yyue to thee, bi ech of thi lynagis, that thei deme the puple bi iust doom, 19 and bowe not in `to the tother part for fauour, ethir yifte `ayens equete. Thou schalt not take persoone nether yiftis, for whi yiftis blynden the iyen of wise men, `and chaungen the wordis of iust men.

Deuteronomy 32:4

4 The werkis of God ben perfit, and alle hise weies ben domes; God is feithful, and without ony wickidnesse; God is iust and riytful.

Nehemiah 5:15

15 But the firste duykis, that weren bifor me, greuyden the puple, and token of hem in breed, and in wiyn, and in monei, ech dai fourti siclis; but also her mynistris oppressiden the puple. Forsothe Y dide not so, for the drede of God;

Job 34:19

19 `Which takith not the persoones of princes, nether knew a tyraunt, whanne he stryuede ayens a pore man; for alle men ben the werk of hise hondis.

Isaiah 1:23-26

23 Thi princes ben vnfeithful, the felowis of theuys; alle louen yiftis, suen meedis; thei demen not to a fadirles child, and the cause of a widewe entrith not to hem. 24 For this thing, seith the Lord God of oostis, the stronge of Israel, Alas! Y schal be coumfortid on myn enemyes, and Y schal be vengid on myn enemyes. 25 And Y schal turne myn hond to thee, and Y schal sethe out thi filthe to the cleene, and Y schal do awei al thi tyn. 26 And Y schal restore thi iuges, as thei weren bifor to, and thi counselours, as in elde tyme. Aftir these thingis thou schalt be clepid the citee of the riytful, a feithful citee.

Isaiah 33:15

15 He that goith in riytfulnessis, and spekith treuthe; he that castith awei aueryce of fals calenge, and schakith awei his hondis fro al yifte; he that stoppith his eeris, that he heere not blood, and closith his iyen, that he se not yuel.

Micah 7:3

3 The yuel of her hondis thei seien good; the prince axith, and the domesman is in yeldyng; and a greet man spak the desir of his soule, and thei sturbliden togidere it.

Matthew 22:16

16 And thei senden to hym her disciplis, with Erodians, and seien, Maister, we witen, that thou art sothefast, and thou techist in treuthe the weie of God, and thou chargist not of ony man, for thou biholdist not the persoone of men.

Acts 10:34

34 And Petre openyde his mouth, and seide, In trewthe Y haue foundun, that God is no acceptor of persoones;

Romans 2:11

11 For accepcioun of persones is not anentis God.

Romans 3:5-6

5 But if oure wickidnesse comende the riytwisnesse of God, what shulen we seie? Whether God is wickid, that bryngith in wraththe? 6 Aftir man Y seie. God forbede. Ellis hou schal God deme this world?

Romans 9:14

14 What therfor schulen we seie? Whether wickidnesse be anentis God?

Galatians 2:6

6 But of these that semeden to be sumwhat; whiche thei weren sum tyme, it perteyneth not to me, for God takith not the persoone of man; for thei that semeden to be sumwhat, yauen me no thing.

Ephesians 6:9

9 And, ye lordis, do the same thingis to hem, foryyuynge manaasis; witinge that bothe her Lord and youre is in heuenes, and the taking of persones is not anentis God.

Colossians 3:25

25 For he that doith iniurie, schal resseyue that that he dide yuele; and acceptacioun of persoones is not anentis God.

1 Peter 1:17

17 And if ye inwardli clepe him fadir, which demeth withouten accepcioun of persoones bi the werk of ech man, lyue ye in drede in the time of youre pilgrimage; witynge that not bi corruptible gold,

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