1 Samuel 25:1 Cross References - Wycliffe

1 Forsothe Samuel was deed; and al Israel was gaderid to gidere, and thei biweiliden hym greetly, and birieden hym in his hows in Ramatha. And Dauid roos, and yede doun in to deseert of Faran.

Genesis 14:6

6 and Choreis in the hillis of Seir, til to the feldi placis of Faran, which is in wildirnesse.

Genesis 21:21

21 and dwellide in the deseert of Faran; and his modir took to him a wijf of the lond of Egipt.

Genesis 50:11

11 And whanne the dwellers of the lond of Canaan hadden seyn this, thei seiden, This is a greet weiling to Egipcians; and therfor thei clepiden the name of that place the weilyng of Egipt.

Numbers 10:12

12 And the sones of Israel yeden forth bi her cumpenyes fro deseert of Synay; and the cloude restide in the wildirnesse of Faran.

Numbers 13:3

3 and seide, Sende thou men that schulen biholde the lond of Canaan, which Y schal yyue to the sones of Israel, of ech lynage o man of the princes.

Numbers 13:26

26 And the aspieris of the lond, whanne thei hadden cumpassid al the cuntrey, after fourti daies camen to Moises and Aaron,

Numbers 20:29

29 Sotheli whanne Aaron was deed in the `cop of the hil, Moises cam doun with Eleazar.

Deuteronomy 34:8

8 And the sones of Israel biwepten hym thretti daies in the feeldi places of Moab; and the daies of weilyng of men `bymorenynge Moises weren fillid.

1 Samuel 7:17

17 And he turnede ayen in to Ramatha, for his hows was there; and he demyde Israel there, and he bildide there also an auter to the Lord.

1 Samuel 28:3

3 Forsothe Samuel was deed, and al Israel biweilide hym, and thei birieden hym in Ramatha, his citee. And Saul dide awey fro the lond witchis and fals dyuynours, `and he slouy hem that hadden `charmers of deuelis `in her wombe.

1 Kings 2:34

34 Therfor Banaie, sone of Joiada, stiede, and asailide, and killide Joab; and Joab was biried in his hows in deseert.

2 Chronicles 33:20

20 Forsothe Manasses slepte with hise fadris, and thei birieden hym in his hows; and Amon, his sone, regnyde for hym.

Psalms 120:5

5 The Lord kepith thee; the Lord is thi proteccioun aboue thi riythond.

Isaiah 14:18

18 Alle the kyngis of hethene men, alle slepten in glorie, a man in his hous.

Acts 8:2

2 But good men birieden Steuene, and maden greet mornyng on hym.

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