1 Corinthians 15:12 Cross References - Wycliffe

12 And if Crist is prechid, that he roos ayen fro deeth, hou seien summen among you, that the ayenrisyng of deed men is not?

Acts 17:32

32 And whanne thei hadden herd the ayenrysing of deed men, summe scorneden, and summe seiden, We schulen here thee eft of this thing.

Acts 23:8

8 For Saduceis seien, that no `rysing ayen of deed men is, nether aungel, nether spirit; but Fariseis knowlechen euer eithir.

Acts 26:8

8 What vnbileueful thing is demed at you, if God reisith deed men?

1 Corinthians 15:13-19

13 And if the ayenrisyng of deed men is not, nethir Crist roos ayen fro deeth. 14 And if Crist roos not, oure preching is veyn, oure feith is veyn. 15 And we ben foundun false witnessis of God, for we han seid witnessyng ayens God, that he reiside Crist, whom he reiside not, if deed men risen not ayen. 16 Forwhi if deed men risen not ayen, nether Crist roos ayen; 17 and if Crist roos not ayen, oure feith is veyn; and yit ye ben in youre synnes. 18 And thanne thei that han diede in Crist, han perischid. 19 If in this life oneli we ben hoping in Crist, we ben more wretchis than alle men.

2 Timothy 2:18

18 whiche felden doun fro the treuthe, seiynge that the rising ayen is now doon, and thei subuertiden the feith of summen.

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