1 Chronicles 16:26 Cross References - Wycliffe

26 For alle the goddis of puplis ben idols; but the Lord made heuenes.

Leviticus 19:4

4 Nyle ye be turned to ydols, nether ye schulen make to you yotun goddis; Y am youre Lord God.

Psalms 115:4-8

4 I schal take the cuppe of heelthe; and Y schal inwardli clepe the name of the Lord. 5 I schal yelde my vowis to the Lord bifor al his puple; 6 the deth of seyntis of the Lord is precious in his siyt. 7 O! Lord, for Y am thi seruant; Y am thi seruaunt, and the sone of thi handmaide. Thou hast broke my bondys, 8 to thee Y schal offre a sacrifice of heriyng; and Y schal inwardli clepe the name of the Lord.

Isaiah 40:26

26 Reise youre iyen an hiy, and se ye, who made these thingis of nouyt; which ledith out in noumbre the kniythod of tho, and clepith alle bi name, for the multitude of his strengthe, and stalworthnesse, and vertu; nether o residue thing was.

Isaiah 42:5

5 The Lord God seith these thingis, makynge heuenes of noyt, and stretchynge forth tho, makynge stidfast the erthe, and tho thingis that buriownen of it, yyuynge breeth to the puple, that is on it, and yyuynge spirit to hem that treden on it.

Isaiah 44:9-20

9 Alle the fourmeris of an idol ben no thing, and the moost louyd thingis of hem schulen not profite; thei ben witnessis of tho, that tho seen not, nether vndurstonden, that thei be schent. 10 Who fourmyde a god, and yetide an ymage, not profitable to ony thing? 11 Lo! alle the parteneris therof schulen be schent; for the smythis ben of men. Whanne alle schulen come, thei schulen stonde, and schulen drede, and schulen be schent togidere. 12 A smith wrouyte with a file; he fourmyde it in coolis, and in hameris, and he wrouyte with the arm of his strengthe. He schal be hungri, and he schal faile; he schal not drynke watre, and he schal be feynt. 13 A carpenter stretchide forth a reule, he fourmyde it with an adese; he made it in the corner places, and he turnede it in cumpas; and he made the ymage of a man, as a fair man, dwellynge in the hous. 14 He kittide doun cedris, he took an hawthorn, and an ook, that stood among the trees of the forest; he plauntide a pyne apple tre, which he nurschide with reyn, 15 and it was maad in to fier to men. He took of tho, and was warmed, and he brente, and bakide looues; but of the residue he wrouyte a god, and worschipide it, and he made a grauun ymage, and he was bowid bifore that. 16 He brente the myddil therof with fier, and of the myddil therof he sethide fleischis, and eet; he sethide potage, and was fillid; and he was warmed, and he seide, Wel! 17 Y am warmed; Y siy fier. Forsothe the residue therof he made a god, and a grauun ymage to hym silf; he is bowide bifore that, and worschipith that, and bisechith, and seith, Delyuere thou me, for thou art my god. 18 Thei knewen not, nether vndurstoden, for thei han foryete, that her iye se not, and that thei vndurstonde not with her herte. 19 Thei bythenken not in her soule, nether thei knowen, nether thei feelen, that thei seie, Y brente the myddil therof in fier, and Y bakide looues on the coolis therof, and Y sethide fleischis, and eet; and of the residue therof schal Y make an idol? schal Y falle doun bifore the stok of a tree? 20 A part therof is aische; an vnwijs herte schal worschipe it, and he schal not delyuere his soule, nether he schal seie, A strong leesyng is in my riythond.

Isaiah 44:24

24 The Lord, thin ayenbiere, and thi fourmere fro the wombe, seith these thingis, Y am the Lord, makynge alle thingis, and Y aloone stretche forth heuenes, and stablische the erthe, and noon is with me;

Jeremiah 10:10-14

10 Forsothe the Lord is veri God; he is God lyuynge, and a kyng euerlastynge; the erthe schal be mouyd togidere of his indignacioun, and hethene men schulen not suffre the manaassing of hym. 11 Therfor thus ye schulen seie to hem, Goddis that maden not heuene and erthe, perische fro erthe, and fro these thingis that ben vndur heuene. 12 He is God, that makith the erthe in his strengthe, makith redi the world in his wisdom, and stretchith forth heuenes bi his prudence. 13 At his vois he yyueth the multitude of watris in heuene, and he reisith mystis fro the endis of erthe; he makith leitis into reyn, and ledith out wynd of his tresouris. 14 Ech man is maad a fool of kunnyng, ech crafti man is schent in a grauun ymage; for whi that that he wellide togidere is fals, and no spirit is in tho.

Acts 19:26

26 and ye seen and heren, that this Poul counseilith and turneth awei myche puple, not oonli of Effesie, but almest of al Asie, and seith, that thei ben not goddis, that ben maad with hoondis.

1 Corinthians 8:4

4 But of metis that ben offrid to idols, we witen, that an idol is no thing in the world, and that ther is no God but oon.

Revelation 14:7

7 and seide with a greet vois, Drede ye the Lord, and yyue ye to hym onour, for the our of his dom cometh; and worschipe ye hym, that made heuene and erthe, the see, and alle thingis that ben in hem, and the wellis of watris.

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