Isaiah 65:16 Cross References - Webster_Strongs

  16 H1288 [H8693] That he who blesseth H776 himself in the earth H1288 [H8691] shall bless H430 himself in the God H543 of truth H7650 [H8737] ; and he that sweareth H776 in the earth H7650 [H8735] shall swear H430 by the God H543 of truth H7223 ; because the former H6869 troubles H7911 [H8738] are forgotten H5641 [H8738] , and because they are hid H5869 from my eyes.

Deuteronomy 6:13

  13 H3372 [H8799] Thou shalt fear H3068 the LORD H430 thy God H5647 [H8799] , and serve H7650 [H8735] him, and shalt swear H8034 by his name.

Deuteronomy 10:20

  20 H3372 [H8799] Thou shalt fear H3068 the LORD H430 thy God H5647 [H8799] ; him shalt thou serve H1692 [H8799] , and to him shalt thou cleave H7650 [H8735] , and swear H8034 by his name.

Deuteronomy 32:4

  4 H6697 He is the Rock H6467 , his work H8549 is perfect H1870 : for all his ways H4941 are judgment H410 : a God H530 of truth H5766 and without iniquity H6662 , just H3477 and right is he.

Psalms 31:5

  5 H3027 Into thy hand H6485 [H8686] I commit H7307 my spirit H6299 [H8804] : thou hast redeemed H3068 me, O LORD H410 God H571 of truth.

Psalms 63:11

  11 H4428 But the king H8055 [H8799] shall rejoice H430 in God H7650 [H8737] ; every one that sweareth H1984 [H8691] by him shall glory H6310 : but the mouth H1696 [H8802] of them that speak H8267 lies H5534 [H8735] shall be stopped.

Psalms 72:17

  17 H8034 His name H5769 shall endure for ever H8034 : his name H5125 H5125 [H8735] shall be continued H6440 as long as H8121 the sun H1288 [H8691] : and men shall be blessed H1471 in him: all nations H833 [H8762] shall call him blessed.

Psalms 86:15

  15 H136 But thou, O Lord H410 , art a God H7349 full of compassion H2587 , and gracious H750 H639 , longsuffering H7227 , and abundant H2617 in mercy H571 and truth.

Isaiah 11:16-12:1

  16 H4546 And there shall be an highway H7605 for the remnant H5971 of his people H834 , which H7604 [H8735] shall be left H804 , from Assyria H3478 ; as it was to Israel H3117 in the day H5927 [H8800] that he came up H776 from the land H4714 of Egypt.

Isaiah 19:18

  18 H3117 In that day H2568 shall five H5892 cities H776 in the land H4714 of Egypt H1696 [H8764] speak H8193 the language H3667 of Canaan H7650 [H8737] , and swear H3068 to the LORD H6635 of hosts H259 ; one H559 [H8735] shall be called H5892 , The city H2041 of destruction.

Isaiah 35:10

  10 H6299 [H8803] And the ransomed H3068 of the LORD H7725 [H8799] shall return H935 [H8804] , and come H6726 to Zion H7440 with songs H5769 and everlasting H8057 joy H7218 upon their heads H5381 [H8686] : they shall obtain H8057 joy H8342 and gladness H3015 , and sorrow H585 and sighing H5127 [H8804] shall flee away.

Isaiah 45:23-25

  23 H7650 [H8738] I have sworn H1697 by myself, the word H3318 [H8804] is gone out H6310 of my mouth H6666 in righteousness H7725 [H8799] , and shall not return H1290 , That to me every knee H3766 [H8799] shall bow H3956 , every tongue H7650 [H8735] shall swear.
  24 H559 [H8804] Surely, shall one say H3068 , in the LORD H6666 have I righteousness H5797 and strength H935 [H8799] : even to him shall men come H2734 [H8737] ; and all that are incensed H954 [H8799] against him shall be ashamed.
  25 H3068 In the LORD H2233 shall all the seed H3478 of Israel H6663 [H8799] be justified H1984 [H8691] , and shall glory.

Isaiah 48:1

  1 H8085 [H8798] Hear H1004 ye this, O house H3290 of Jacob H7121 [H8737] , who are called H8034 by the name H3478 of Israel H3318 [H8804] , and have come forth H4325 out of the waters H3063 of Judah H7650 [H8737] , who swear H8034 by the name H3068 of the LORD H2142 [H8686] , and make mention H430 of the God H3478 of Israel H571 , but not in truth H6666 , nor in righteousness.

Isaiah 54:4

  4 H3372 [H8799] Fear H954 [H8799] not; for thou shalt not be ashamed H3637 [H8735] : neither be thou confounded H2659 [H8686] ; for thou shalt not be put to shame H7911 [H8799] : for thou shalt forget H1322 the shame H5934 of thy youth H2142 [H8799] , and shalt not remember H2781 the reproach H491 of thy widowhood any more.

Isaiah 65:19

  19 H1523 [H8804] And I will rejoice H3389 in Jerusalem H7797 [H8804] , and joy H5971 in my people H6963 : and the voice H1065 of weeping H8085 [H8735] shall be no more heard H6963 in her, nor the voice H2201 of crying.

Jeremiah 4:2

  2 H7650 [H8738] And thou shalt swear H3068 , The LORD H2416 liveth H571 , in truth H4941 , in judgment H6666 , and in righteousness H1471 ; and the nations H1288 [H8694] shall bless H1984 [H8691] themselves in him, and in him shall they glory.

Jeremiah 10:10

  10 H3068 But the LORD H571 is the true H430 God H2416 , he is the living H430 God H5769 , and an everlasting H4428 king H7110 : at his wrath H776 the earth H7493 [H8799] shall tremble H1471 , and the nations H3557 [H8686] shall not be able to abide H2195 his indignation.

Jeremiah 12:16

  16 H3925 [H8800] And it shall come to pass, if they will diligently H3925 [H8799] learn H1870 the ways H5971 of my people H7650 [H8736] , to swear H8034 by my name H3068 , The LORD H2416 liveth H3925 [H8765] ; as they taught H5971 my people H7650 [H8736] to swear H1168 by Baal H1129 [H8738] ; then shall they be built H8432 in the midst H5971 of my people.

Jeremiah 31:12

  12 H935 [H8804] Therefore they shall come H7442 [H8765] and sing H4791 in the height H6726 of Zion H5102 [H8804] , and shall flow together H2898 to the goodness H3068 of the LORD H1715 , for grain H8492 , and for wine H3323 , and for oil H1121 , and for the young H6629 of the flock H1241 and of the herd H5315 : and their soul H7302 shall be as a watered H1588 garden H1669 [H8800] ; and they shall not sorrow H3254 [H8686] any more at all.

Ezekiel 36:25-27

  25 H2236 [H8804] Then will I sprinkle H2889 clean H4325 water H2891 [H8804] upon you, and ye shall be clean H2932 : from all your filthiness H1544 , and from all your idols H2891 [H8762] , will I cleanse you.
  26 H2319 A new H3820 heart H5414 [H8804] also will I give H2319 you, and a new H7307 spirit H5414 [H8799] will I put H7130 within H5493 [H8689] you: and I will take away H68 the stony H3820 heart H1320 out of your flesh H5414 [H8804] , and I will give H3820 you an heart H1320 of flesh.
  27 H5414 [H8799] And I will put H7307 my spirit H7130 within H6213 [H8804] you, and cause H3212 [H8799] you to walk H2706 in my statutes H8104 [H8799] , and ye shall keep H4941 my judgments H6213 [H8804] , and do them.

Daniel 12:1

  1 H6256 And at that time H4317 shall Michael H5975 [H8799] stand up H1419 , the great H8269 prince H5975 [H8802] who standeth H1121 for the children H5971 of thy people H1961 [H8738] : and there shall be H6256 a time H6869 of trouble H1471 , such as never was since there was a nation H6256 even to that same time H6256 : and at that time H5971 thy people H4422 [H8735] shall be delivered H4672 [H8737] , every one that shall be found H3789 [H8803] written H5612 in the book.

Daniel 12:11

  11 H6256 And from the time H8548 that the daily H5493 [H8717] sacrifice shall be taken away H8251 , and the abomination H8074 [H8802] that maketh desolate H5414 [H8800] set up H505 , there shall be a thousand H3967 two hundred H8673 and ninety H3117 days.

Zephaniah 1:5

  5 H7812 [H8693] And them that worship H6635 the host H8064 of heaven H1406 upon the housetops H7812 [H8693] ; and them that worship H7650 [H8737] and that swear H3068 by the LORD H7650 [H8737] , and that swear H4428 by Malcham;

Zephaniah 3:14-20

  14 H7442 [H8798] Sing H1323 , O daughter H6726 of Zion H7321 [H8685] ; shout H3478 , O Israel H8055 [H8798] ; be glad H5937 [H8798] and rejoice H3820 with all the heart H1323 , O daughter H3389 of Jerusalem.
  15 H3068 The LORD H5493 [H8689] hath taken away H4941 thy judgments H6437 [H8765] , he hath cast out H341 [H8802] thy enemy H4428 : the king H3478 of Israel H3068 , even the LORD H7130 , is in the midst H7200 [H8799] of thee: thou shalt not see H7451 evil any more.
  16 H3117 In that day H559 [H8735] it shall be said H3389 to Jerusalem H3372 [H8799] , Fear H6726 thou not: and to Zion H3027 , Let not thy hands H7503 [H8799] be slack.
  17 H3068 The LORD H430 thy God H7130 in the midst H1368 of thee is mighty H3467 [H8686] ; he will save H7797 [H8799] , he will rejoice H8057 over thee with joy H2790 [H8686] ; he will rest H160 in his love H1523 [H8799] , he will joy H7440 over thee with singing.
  18 H622 [H8804] I will gather H3013 [H8737] them that are sorrowful H4150 for the solemn assembly H2781 , who are of thee, to whom the reproach H4864 of it was a burden.
  19 H6256 Behold, at that time H6213 [H8802] I will undo H6031 [H8764] all that afflict H3467 [H8689] thee: and I will save H6760 [H8802] her that is lame H6908 [H8762] , and gather H5080 [H8737] her that was driven out H7760 [H8804] ; and I will get H8416 them praise H8034 and fame H776 in every land H1322 where they have been put to shame.
  20 H6256 At that time H935 [H8686] will I bring H6256 you again, even in the time H6908 [H8763] that I gather H5414 [H8799] you: for I will make H8034 you a name H8416 and a praise H5971 among all people H776 of the earth H7725 [H8800] , when I turn back H7622 your captivity H5869 before your eyes H559 [H8804] , saith H3068 the LORD.

John 1:14

  14 G2532 And G3056 the Word G1096 [G5633] was made G4561 flesh G2532 , and G4637 [G5656] dwelt G1722 among G2254 us G2532 , (and G2300 [G5662] we beheld G846 his G1391 glory G1391 , the glory G5613 as G3439 of the only begotten G3844 of G3962 the Father G4134 ,) full G5485 of grace G2532 and G225 truth.

John 1:17

  17 G3754 For G3551 the law G1325 [G5681] was given G1223 by G3475 Moses G5485 , but grace G2532 and G225 truth G1096 [G5633] came G1223 by G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ.

John 14:6

  6 G2424 Jesus G3004 [G5719] saith G846 to him G1473 , { I G1510 [G5748] am G3598 the way G2532 , and G225 the truth G2532 , and G2222 the life G3762 : no man G2064 [G5736] cometh G4314 to G3962 the Father G1508 , but G1223 by G1700 me.}

Romans 14:11

  11 G1063 For G1125 [G5769] it is written G1473 , As I G2198 [G5719] live G3004 [G5719] , saith G2962 the Lord G3754 , G3956 every G1119 knee G2578 [G5692] shall bow G1698 to me G2532 , and G3956 every G1100 tongue G1843 [G5698] shall confess G2316 to God.

Philippians 2:11

  11 G2532 And G3956 that every G1100 tongue G1843 [G5672] should confess G3754 that G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ G2962 is Lord G1519 , to G1391 the glory G2316 of God G3962 the Father.

Hebrews 6:17-18

  17 G1722 In G3739 the same way G2316 God G1014 [G5740] , willing G4054 more abundantly G1925 [G5658] to show G2818 to the heirs G1860 of promise G276 the immutability G846 of his G1012 counsel G3315 [G5656] , confirmed G3727 it by an oath:
  18 G2443 That G1223 by G1417 two G276 immutable G4229 things G1722 , in G3739 which G102 it was impossible G2316 for God G5574 [G5664] to lie G2192 [G5725] , we might have G2478 a strong G3874 consolation G3588 , who G2703 [G5631] have fled for refuge G2902 [G5658] to lay hold G1680 upon the hope G4295 [G5740] set before us:

Revelation 20:4

  4 G2532 And G1492 [G5627] I saw G2362 thrones G2532 , and G2523 [G5656] they sat G1909 upon G846 them G2532 , and G2917 judgment G1325 [G5681] was given G846 to them G2532 : and G5590 I saw the souls G3990 [G5772] of them that were beheaded G1223 for G3141 the witness G2424 of Jesus G2532 , and G1223 for G3056 the word G2316 of God G2532 , and G3748 who G4352 0 had G3756 not G4352 [G5656] worshipped G2342 the beast G3777 , neither G846 his G1504 image G2532 , G3756 neither G2983 [G5627] had received G5480 his mark G1909 upon G846 their G3359 foreheads G2532 , or G1909 in G846 their G5495 hands G2532 ; and G2198 [G5656] they lived G2532 and G936 [G5656] reigned G3326 with G5547 Christ G5507 a thousand G2094 years.

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