Hosea 2:6 Cross References - Webster_Strongs

  6 H7753 [H8801] Therefore, behold, I will hedge H1870 up thy way H5518 with thorns H1443 [H8804] , and make H1447 a wall H4672 [H8799] , that she shall not find H5410 her paths.

Job 3:23

  23 H1397 Why is light given to a man H1870 whose way H5641 [H8738] is hid H433 , and whom God H5526 [H8686] hath hedged in?

Job 19:8

  8 H1443 [H8804] He hath fenced up H734 my way H5674 [H8799] that I cannot pass H7760 [H8799] , and he hath set H2822 darkness H5410 in my paths.

Lamentations 3:7-9

  7 H1443 [H8804] He hath hedged H3318 [H8799] me about, that I cannot get out H5178 : he hath made my chain H3513 [H8689] heavy.
  8 H2199 [H8799] Also when I cry H7768 [H8762] and shout H5640 [H8804] , he shutteth out H8605 my prayer.
  9 H1443 [H8804] He hath inclosed H1870 my ways H1496 with hewn stone H5410 , he hath made my paths H5753 [H8765] crooked.

Luke 15:14-16

  14 G1161 { And G846 when he G1159 [G5660] had spent G3956 all G1096 [G5633] , there arose G2478 a mighty G3042 famine G2596 in G1565 that G5561 land G2532 ; and G846 he G756 [G5662] began G5302 [G5745] to be in want.}
  15 G2532 { And G4198 [G5679] he went G2853 [G5681] and joined himself G1520 to G4177 a citizen G1565 of that G5561 country G2532 ; and G3992 [G5656] he sent G846 him G1519 into G846 his G68 fields G1006 [G5721] to feed G5519 swine.}
  16 G2532 { And G1937 [G5707] he was longing G1072 [G5658] to fill G846 his G2836 belly G575 with G2769 the husks G3739 that G5519 the swine G2068 [G5707] ate G2532 : and G3762 no man G1325 [G5707] gave G846 to him.}

Luke 19:43

  43 G3754 { For G2250 the days G2240 [G5692] shall come G1909 upon G4571 thee G2532 , that G4675 thy G2190 enemies G4016 0 shall cast G5482 a trench G4016 [G5692] about G4671 thee G2532 , and G4033 0 surround G4571 G4033 [G5692] thee G2532 , and G4912 0 keep G4571 thee G4912 [G5692] in G3840 on every side,}

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