Habakkuk 3:11 Cross References - Webster_Strongs

  11 H8121 The sun H3394 and moon H5975 [H8804] stood still H2073 in their habitation H216 : at the light H2671 of thy arrows H1980 [H8762] they went H5051 , and at the shining H1300 of thy glittering H2595 spear.

Joshua 10:11-13

  11 H5127 [H8800] And it came to pass, as they fled H6440 from before H3478 Israel H4174 , and were in the descent H1032 to Bethhoron H3068 , that the LORD H7993 [H8689] cast down H1419 great H68 stones H8064 from heaven H5825 upon them to Azekah H4191 [H8799] , and they died H7227 : they were more H4191 [H8804] who died H1259 H68 with hailstones H834 than they whom H1121 the children H3478 of Israel H2026 [H8804] slew H2719 with the sword.
  12 H1696 [H8762] Then spoke H3091 Joshua H3068 to the LORD H3117 in the day H3068 when the LORD H5414 [H8800] delivered up H567 the Amorites H6440 before H1121 the children H3478 of Israel H559 [H8799] , and he said H5869 in the sight H3478 of Israel H8121 , Sun H1826 [H8798] , stand thou still H1391 upon Gibeon H3394 ; and thou, Moon H6010 , in the valley H357 of Ajalon.
  13 H8121 And the sun H1826 [H8799] stood still H3394 , and the moon H5975 [H8804] stayed H1471 , until the people H5358 [H8799] had avenged H341 [H8802] themselves upon their enemies H1931 . Is not this H3789 [H8803] written H5612 in the book H3477 of Jasher H8121 ? So the sun H5975 [H8799] stood still H2677 in the midst H8064 of heaven H213 [H8804] , and hasted H935 [H8800] not to go down H8549 about a whole H3117 day.

Psalms 18:12-14

  12 H5051 At the brightness H5645 that was before him his thick clouds H5674 [H8804] passed H1259 , hail H1513 stones and coals H784 of fire.
  13 H3068 The LORD H7481 [H8686] also thundered H8064 in the heavens H5945 , and the Highest H5414 [H8799] gave H6963 his voice H1259 ; hail H1513 stones and coals H784 of fire.
  14 H7971 [H8799] Yea, he sent out H2671 his arrows H6327 [H8686] , and scattered H7232 [H8804] them; and he shot out H1300 lightnings H2000 [H8799] , and destroyed them.

Psalms 19:4

  4 H6957 Their line H3318 [H8804] hath gone out H776 through all the earth H4405 , and their words H7097 to the end H8398 of the world H7760 [H8804] . In them hath he set H168 a tabernacle H8121 for the sun,

Psalms 77:17-18

  17 H5645 The clouds H2229 [H8776] poured out H4325 water H7834 : the skies H5414 [H8804] sent out H6963 a sound H2687 : thy arrows H1980 [H8691] also went abroad.
  18 H6963 The voice H7482 of thy thunder H1534 was in the heaven H1300 : the lightnings H215 [H8689] lightened H8398 the world H776 : the earth H7264 [H8804] trembled H7493 [H8799] and shook.

Psalms 144:5-6

  5 H5186 [H8685] Bow H8064 thy heavens H3068 , O LORD H3381 [H8799] , and come down H5060 [H8798] : touch H2022 the mountains H6225 [H8799] , and they shall smoke.
  6 H1299 [H8798] Cast forth H1300 lightning H6327 [H8686] , and scatter H7971 [H8798] them: shoot H2671 thy arrows H2000 [H8799] , and destroy them.

Isaiah 28:21

  21 H3068 For the LORD H6965 [H8799] shall rise H2022 as on mount H6559 Perazim H7264 [H8799] , he shall be angry H6010 as in the valley H1391 of Gibeon H6213 [H8800] , that he may do H4639 his work H2114 [H8801] , his strange H4639 work H5647 [H8800] ; and bring to pass H5656 his act H5237 , his strange H5656 act.

Isaiah 38:8

  8 H7725 [H8688] Behold, I will bring again H6738 the shadow H4609 of the degrees H3381 [H8804] , which hath gone down H8121 on the sun H4609 dial H271 of Ahaz H6235 , ten H4609 degrees H322 backward H8121 . So the sun H7725 [H8799] returned H6235 ten H4609 degrees H4609 , by which degrees H3381 [H8804] it had gone down.

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