2 Chronicles 9:6 Cross References - Webster_Strongs

  6 H539 [H8689] Yet I believed H1697 not their words H935 [H8804] , until I came H5869 , and my eyes H7200 [H8799] had seen H2677 it: and, behold, the one half H4768 of the greatness H2451 of thy wisdom H5046 [H8717] was not told H3254 [H8804] to me: for thou exceedest H8052 the fame H8085 [H8804] that I heard.

1 Kings 4:31

  31 H2449 [H8799] For he was wiser H120 than all men H387 ; than Ethan H250 the Ezrahite H1968 , and Heman H3633 , and Chalcol H1862 , and Darda H1121 , the sons H4235 of Mahol H8034 : and his fame H5439 was in all the surrounding H1471 nations.

1 Kings 4:34

  34 H935 [H8799] And there came H5971 of all people H8085 [H8800] to hear H2451 the wisdom H8010 of Solomon H4428 , from all kings H776 of the earth H8085 [H8804] , who had heard H2451 of his wisdom.

1 Kings 10:7

  7 H539 [H8689] However I believed H1697 not the words H935 [H8804] , until I came H5869 , and my eyes H7200 [H8799] had seen H2677 it: and, behold, the half H5046 [H8717] was not told H2451 me: thy wisdom H2896 and prosperity H3254 [H8689] exceed H8052 the fame H8085 [H8804] which I heard.

2 Chronicles 9:5

  5 H559 [H8799] And she said H4428 to the king H571 , It was a true H1697 report H8085 [H8804] which I heard H776 in my own land H1697 of thy acts H2451 , and of thy wisdom:

Psalms 31:19

  19 H7227 O how great H2898 is thy goodness H6845 [H8804] , which thou hast laid up H3373 for them that fear H6466 [H8804] thee; which thou hast wrought H2620 [H8802] for them that trust H1121 in thee before the sons H120 of men!

Song of Songs 5:9-16

  9 H1730 What is thy beloved H1730 more than another beloved H3303 , O thou fairest H802 among women H1730 ? what is thy beloved H1730 more than another beloved H3602 , that thou H7650 [H8689] dost so charge us?
  10 H1730 My beloved H6703 is white H122 and ruddy H1713 [H8803] , the chief H7233 among ten thousand.
  11 H7218 His head H3800 is as the most H6337 fine gold H6977 , his locks H8534 are bushy H7838 , and black H6158 as a raven.
  12 H5869 His eyes H3123 are as the eyes of doves H650 by the rivers H4325 of waters H7364 [H8801] , washed H2461 with milk H3427 H4402 [H8802] , and fitly set.
  13 H3895 His cheeks H6170 are as a bed H1314 of spices H4840 , as sweet H4026 flowers H8193 : his lips H7799 like lilies H5197 [H8802] , dropping H5674 [H8802] sweet smelling H4753 myrrh.
  14 H3027 His hands H2091 are as gold H1550 rings H4390 [H8794] set H8658 with the beryl H4578 : his belly H6247 is as bright H8127 ivory H5968 [H8794] overlaid H5601 with sapphires.
  15 H7785 His legs H5982 are as pillars H8336 of marble H3245 [H8794] , set H134 upon sockets H6337 of fine gold H4758 : his countenance H3844 is as Lebanon H977 [H8803] , excellent H730 as the cedars.
  16 H2441 His mouth H4477 is most sweet H4261 : yea, he is altogether lovely H1730 . This is my beloved H7453 , and this is my friend H1323 , O daughters H3389 of Jerusalem.

Zechariah 9:17

  17 H2898 For how great is his goodness H3308 , and how great is his beauty H1715 ! Grain H970 shall make the young men H5107 [H8766] cheerful H8492 , and new wine H1330 the maids.

John 20:25-29

  25 G243 The other G3101 disciples G3767 therefore G3004 [G5707] said G846 to him G3708 [G5758] , We have seen G2962 the Lord G1161 . But G2036 [G5627] he said G846 to them G3362 , Except G1492 [G5632] I shall see G1722 in G846 his G5495 hands G5179 the print G2247 of the nails G2532 , and G906 [G5632] put G3450 my G1147 finger G1519 into G5179 the print G2247 of the nails G2532 , and G906 [G5632] thrust G3450 my G5495 hand G1519 into G846 his G4125 side G4100 0 , I will G3364 not G4100 [G5692] believe.
  26 G2532 And G3326 after G3638 eight G2250 days G3825 again G846 his G3101 disciples G2258 [G5713] were G2080 inside G2532 , and G2381 Thomas G3326 with G846 them G2064 [G5736] : then came G2424 Jesus G2374 , the doors G2808 [G5772] being shut G2532 , and G2476 [G5627] stood G1519 in G3319 the midst G2532 , and G2036 [G5627] said G1515 , { Peace G5213 be to you.}
  27 G1534 Then G3004 [G5719] saith he G2381 to Thomas G5342 [G5720] , { Reach G5602 here G4675 thy G1147 finger G2532 , and G1492 [G5657] behold G3450 my G5495 hands G2532 ; and G5342 [G5720] reach here G4675 thy G5495 hand G2532 , and G906 [G5628] thrust G1519 it into G3450 my G4125 side G2532 : and G1096 [G5737] be G3361 not G571 faithless G235 , but G4103 believing.}
  28 G2532 And G2381 Thomas G611 [G5662] answered G2532 and G2036 [G5627] said G846 to him G3450 , My G2962 Lord G2532 and G3450 my G2316 God.
  29 G2424 Jesus G3004 [G5719] saith G846 to him G2381 , { Thomas G3754 , because G3708 [G5758] thou hast seen G3165 me G4100 [G5758] , thou hast believed G3107 : blessed G3361 are they that have not G1492 [G5631] seen G2532 , and G4100 [G5660] yet have believed.}

1 Corinthians 2:9

  9 G235 But G2531 as G1125 [G5769] it is written G3739 , G3788 Eye G1492 0 hath G3756 not G1492 [G5627] seen G2532 G3756 , nor G3775 ear G191 [G5656] heard G2532 G3756 , neither G305 [G5627] have entered G1909 into G2588 the heart G444 of man G3739 , the things which G2316 God G2090 [G5656] hath prepared G25 [G5723] for them that love G846 him.

1 John 3:2

  2 G27 Beloved G3568 , now G2070 [G5748] are we G5043 the sons G2316 of God G2532 , and G5319 0 it doth G3768 not yet G5319 [G5681] appear G5101 what G2071 [G5704] we shall be G1161 : but G1492 [G5758] we know G3754 that G1437 , when G5319 [G5686] he shall appear G2071 [G5704] , we shall be G3664 like G846 him G3754 ; for G3700 [G5695] we shall see G846 him G2531 as G2076 [G5748] he is.

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