Ruth 1:19 Cross References - WEB_Strongs

  19 H8147 So they two H3212 went H935 until they came H1035 to Bethlehem. H935 It happened, when they had come H1035 to Bethlehem, H5892 that all the city H1949 was moved H559 about them, and they asked, H5281 "Is this Naomi?"

Isaiah 23:7

  7 H5947 Is this your joyous H6927 city, whose antiquity H6924 is of ancient H3117 days, H7272 whose feet H2986 carried H7350 her far away H1481 to travel?

Lamentations 2:15

  15 H5674 All that pass H5606 by clap H3709 their hands H1870 at you. H8319 They hiss H5128 and wag H7218 their head H1323 at the daughter H3389 of Jerusalem, H5892 saying, Is this the city H559 that men called H3632 The perfection H3308 of beauty, H4885 The joy H776 of the whole earth?

Matthew 21:10

  10 G1525 When G846 he G1525 had come G1519 into G2414 Jerusalem, G3956 all G4172 the city G4579 was stirred G3004 up, saying, G5101 "Who G2076 is G3778 this?"

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