Judges 2:4 Cross References - WEB_Strongs

  4 H4397 It happened, when the angel H3068 of Yahweh H1696 spoke H1697 these words H1121 to all the children H3478 of Israel, H5971 that the people H5375 lifted up H6963 their voice, H1058 and wept.

1 Samuel 7:6

  6 H6908 They gathered together H4709 to Mizpah, H7579 and drew H4325 water, H8210 and poured it out H6440 before H3068 Yahweh, H6684 and fasted H3117 on that day, H559 and said H2398 there, "We have sinned H3068 against Yahweh." H8050 Samuel H8199 judged H1121 the children H3478 of Israel H4708 in Mizpah.

Ezra 10:1

  1 H5830 Now while Ezra H6419 prayed H3034 and made confession, H1058 weeping H5307 and casting himself down H6440 before H1004 the house H430 of God, H6908 there was gathered H3478 together to him out of Israel H3966 a very H7227 great H6951 assembly H582 of men H802 and women H3206 and children; H582 for the people H1058 wept H7235 very H1059 bitterly.

Proverbs 17:10

  10 H1606 A rebuke H5181 enters H995 deeper into one H3967 who has understanding than a hundred H5221 lashes H3684 into a fool.

Jeremiah 31:9

  9 H935 They shall come H1065 with weeping; H8469 and with petitions H2986 will I lead H3212 them: I will cause them to walk H5158 by rivers H4325 of waters, H3477 in a straight H1870 way H3782 in which they shall not stumble; H1 for I am a father H3478 to Israel, H669 and Ephraim H1060 is my firstborn.

Zechariah 12:10

  10 H8210 I will pour H1004 on the house H1732 of David, H3427 and on the inhabitants H3389 of Jerusalem, H7307 the spirit H2580 of grace H8469 and of supplication; H5027 and they will look H1856 to me whom they have pierced; H4553 and they shall mourn H5594 for him, as one mourns H3173 for his only H4843 son, and will grieve bitterly H4843 for him, as one grieves H1060 for his firstborn.

Luke 6:21

  21 G3107 Blessed G3983 are you who hunger G3568 now, G3754 for G5526 you will be filled. G3107 Blessed G2799 are you who weep G3568 now, G3754 for G1070 you will laugh.

Luke 7:38

  38 G2476 Standing G3694 behind G3844 at G846 his G4228 feet G2799 weeping, G756 she began G1026 to wet G846 his G4228 feet G1144 with her tears, G2532 and G1591 she wiped G2359 them with the hair G846 of her G2776 head, G2532   G2705 kissed G846 his G4228 feet, G2532 and G218 anointed G3464 them with the ointment.

2 Corinthians 7:10

  10 G1063 For G2596   G2316 godly G3077 sorrow G2716 works G3341 repentance G1519 to G4991 salvation, G278 which brings no regret. G1161 But G3077 the sorrow G2889 of the world G2716 works G2288 death.

James 4:9

  9 G5003 Lament, G2532   G3996 mourn, G2532 and G2799 weep. G3344 Let G5216 your G1071 laughter G3344 be turned G1519 to G3997 mourning, G2532 and G5479 your joy G1519 to G2726 gloom.

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